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Saturday, November 29th, 2008

If summering is a verb in some circles, why not falling?  Right?

We’ve had a beautiful fall here in Upstate NY this year.  We took a few excursions through leaf-peepin’ country.  Cati and I used to take these excursions on motorcycles, but that’s not exactly a practical option since Nina arrived.  We won’t let her ride a motorcycle until she’s at least four months old, right?  So we strapped her into her car seat and loaded her up. 

Sure, she looks excited, but it didn’t last.  Nacho didn’t fall asleep.

We decided to go north and east into Vermont.  This is roughly our route.

The leaves in NY and VT were beautiful.

We stopped for a diaper change and a Nacho pee-break in Arlington, VT.

We tried to have lunch at J.T. Baker’s, but they’re not open for lunch.  We need to work on our planning [shrug].

Angry about gas prices?  How convenient.

We had a delicious lunch at a street-car in Bennington, VT.  We had a burger and a steamy-hot bowl of clam chowder.  Mmm…

On the way home we stopped at the locally-famous pub the Man of Kent. 

Luckily, we have a fake ID for Nina.  She was able to have a pint and pass out at the bar.

The following weekend, we took a southbound excursion through Hudson and Rhineback– like so.

We stopped for coffee, looked at furniture, and did a little shopping in Hudson.  We also had to change Nina in the bimmer.

Don’t worry, she didn’t mind.  See?

We stopped at Terrapin for some light fare.  We would like to go back for dinner as we had a good impression.  Although the exterior of the building looks as ridiculous as The Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas, it was much nicer inside.

We had fun and inventive tapas, drinks, and desserts.

I hope you enjoyed – we sure  did!

I can change; I swear.

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Please excuse the long break since my last post.  I don’t deserve you fine readers and if you wanted to pack your keyboard and leave my non-updating a$$, I wouldn’t blame you one bit.  But before you go, please read the post below and let me stay in your bookmarks.  Gimme one more chance; I can change.

Cati took me to Angelo’s 677 Prime for a special tasting menu for my b-day– it was a surprise.  Ain’t she sumthin’?  Some of you may be thinking, “Waitaminit, don’t they have a baby to care for?”  Don’t worry, we poked air-holes into a hat box and put the baby in there for a few hours so she couldn’t get into anything– KIDDING.  Our sweet and lovely friend Alexis watched Nina for us while we ate like kings. 

We arrived and were seated at a cozy booth near the kitchen.  We started with some cocktails– a Bushmill’s on ice for me, and a bellini for Cati.


How can you be sure we were at 677?  The proof is in the pudding butter.