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All About Eve

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Cati and I found a nice place to eat out here in Ann Arbor.  It’s called Eve— and what a fine establishment it is. 

Quaint decor


Just Picture It.

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Two days before we left Albany, NY, we had a “last supper” with some of our friends.  The party was at our old house which sold in 6 days – chin up, Albany.  Apparently, the economy is not so bad!   

Nina was shown pictures of her parents as children.  She realized she is going to have some rough years in front of her…ROUGH YEARS.  Look at her expression of deep concern and fear. 

Then, the following night, we had a send-off party at the bar at 74 State.  Much fun was had. 

Nina conked out in a warm pair of arms. 

The next morning, my navigator Nacho and I left Albany for good (along with a caravan of friends in other vehicles).  Cati and Nina flew separately. 

We stopped at Duff’s in Buffalo, NY for their lauded Buffalo wings. 

They were good.

I also had a beef on weck.  It was good, too.

Nina and Nacho explore one of the many empty rooms in the new house. 

Shortly after our move, we had to make a trip to Spain.  Nina sleeps on an escalator in Spain; Cati and la suegra hermosa lead the way.

Nina and Cati both sleep on the plane ride home from Spain (this photo makes me sleepy).

Cati and Nina find an Ikea to fill some of the empty rooms in our new home.  It looks like someone likes shopping already…

Oh yeah, and spoons aren’t just for eating anymore:

“And the way I feel tonight…”

Monday, April 6th, 2009

***Update: Video added to bottom of post.***

Things are great here in our new town– Ann Arbor, MI.  We don’t have many friends yet, nor do we know of any great hidden gems for dining out (we have found some restaurants we like, but I think everyone knows they are good).  We do have a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s within 2 miles of our home.  So don’t worry; we are eating well.  If you know this area and have a suggestion, we are listening. 

I feel negligent since it has been so long since my last post.  I have been crazy busy with the new job, the move, the baby, and other stuff too.  I have been to six states and three countries (Europe twice) in the last month.   Here are some observations I made while traveling recently:

– Getting stuck behind someone at airport security who does not travel often is torture.  You just know s/he is going to have to go through the metal detector four or five times, be asked to take off his/her shoes and put them on the belt. etc. etc.  On the upside however– I, for the first time in my life, was in line just ahead of the slowest, most confused elderly lady I have ever seen travel.  If I were behind her, my head would have exploded as I watched her do everything wrong; but being in front of her– heck, that was paradise.  I had time to leisurely collect my belongings, put my watch back on, put my shoes on slowly, put my belt on, return my laptop to my bag– it was great.  No one was behind me for ages…poor people behind her.

– Irrespective of state or country, everyone loves to fuss over a fat, rosy-cheeked Nina.

– Europeans are ruder in airports.  I think this comes from the vast array of languages and cultures in the European versus American airports.  No one has time to figure out in what language they should say “excuse me,” or “thank you.”  Europeans just seem a bit terse and less interested in forming orderly lines than we Americans.  Cati and I have received so many glowering glances (for no reason) that we now jokingly call a scowl from a stranger “a Euro-smile.”  Ah well, I guess not everyone can be from a country that is never wrong and is loved the world over.  USA! USA! USA! ;)  Hello?

On a recent trip to FL, Cati and I went to Lowry Park Zoo and spotted the reclusive and often-suckling, Northeastern Titi Monkey.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself:

Also, I totally forgot to add this video of Cati inadvertently reenacting a scene from her favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie during that same trip to the zoo: