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Brush with the Law

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

So after only three weeks in the new house, we already had the police make a visit.  I came home from work today to find a police car blocking my driveway.  Don’t worry though, this story is more appropriate for the “Weather Channel” than “COPS.”  Thanks to all the rain and wind, a tree in our front yard blew over into the street– the whole tree– rotten trunk and all.  It looked perfectly healthy.  Cati called the police and they came out right away to have a look and wait for the borough to come out and take care of it.  It turns out that trees that are less than 10 feet from the street are the resposibility of the borough.  Whew, I was wondering if I was going to have to come up with the removal costs, but it turned out that our ample local taxes covered it. 

Staying true to the white-guy-on-“COPS” stereotype, I put on some soiled cut-off jeans, opened a beer, pulled my shirt off and cried when questioned by the cops.  Is that weird?  nah.   






Let’s see, other than that, we thought we spotted Vincent van Gogh eating Swedish meatballs er sumthin’ at IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ.  I busted out the camera and took a sneaky photo by pretenting to show Cati a photo on the camera. 


Uncanny, innit?

And Nacho is officially the most tolerant dog in the world. 


Oh, and I like this song:

Hope you lke it too. 

Oooh, “Cops” is on.  Man, I hope they’re in Albuquerque, that place is “Cops” gold.  Gotta go.

The Invention of Lying

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

She’ll say anything to avoid a diaper change.  God forbid we take 3 minutes from her 17 hours of play per day. 

We know that she knows what “ca-ca” means, because she used to tell us when her diaper was full.  She quickly realized that telling us resulted in a swift diaper change; so now she denies she has anything in there– even when the entire room smells like hot sewage; she denies.

Also, Cati and I were recently told that children play in ways to prepare themselves for adulthood.  We notice that Nina often emulates adult behavior as a game.  Well, this past week, I found out why I used to love to build models and play with Legos as a child.  I think it was to prepare me for assembling IKEA furniture as an adult.  Holy smokes…

Building the “Bjornholmen” (Apparently, that’s Swedish for “TV cabinet from hell”) was way harder than any model F-16 Fighter Jet I built as a teenager.  It took me six-hours and became a personal challenge.

New House, New Car, New Jersey

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Well, we had a good time in the Midwest, but we have moved back to the Northeast.  My job required us to transfer only after a year in MI.  We liked Ann Arbor very much as it is more than just a college town.  Sure, the U of M is a major presence there, but there were a lot of other amenities as well.  We really liked our house in AA, but alas, adventure called.


The movers came, packed up the house on Monday, loaded it onto the truck and left on Tuesday.  We then tidied up and I snapped a few parting photos of our beloved former house.


Our original plan was that I would leave Tuesday afternoon shortly after the movers left and we quickly cleaned the house.  As expected, things took longer than expected and I wound up leaving Wednesday morning at 3 AM.  Cati and Nina had a 7 AM flight to EWR from DTW Wednesday morning and therefore stayed at the Westin Hotel at DTW.  I crashed there with them for a few hours before begining the drive.  What a cool hotel.  Check out the view from our room.


Nacho took a pre-trip pee in the DTW parking garage (see him?  center right of photo), and off we went.




I started getting really tired around 6 AM somewhere in Ohio, so I pulled over and took a 45-minute nap at some rest stop on I-80.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I woke-up, bought a cup of coffee and continued east feeling far more alert.  Nacho chilled.


I arrived at the new house in Chatham just in time for the final walk-through prior to the closing.  Here’s the new digs:


Nina seems to be taking to it swimmingly.  We are still waiting for the furniture to arrive.  We are very excited to be back in the Northeast and close to our NY friends and family.  We are only about a 35-minute drive from Manhattan to boot.


Also, I became the owner of a 2010 Ford Escape.  Nina loves to pretend she’s driving.  She basically presses all the radio buttons and pulls on the turn signal and wiper levers.  Cati and I are both digging on all the bells and whistles on the new ride.


Things are busy; really good, but busy.