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My Oh Mallorca

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

We loaded up the kids and went to Mallorca, Spain for vacation.  We connected to Palma de Mallorca via Frankfurt, Germany, as I had to return to Germany a week earlier than the family for work.  Here are two important things that Cati and I learned:

1)  Long flights with restless babies are tough on parents.

2)  Vacation isn’t really vacation with two babies in diapers– it’s more like a change of scenery.  There is still much work to be done.

To further complicate the trip, all four of us were sick.  Chest and sinus infections had us all coughing, sneezing, hacking, weezing, and sniffling the whole time.

The jet-lag, fatigue from not being well, and all the wacky European OTC medication I was taking kept me in a fog for the first few days.

Naturally, a large part of why we made the trip was to see family, but here are some of the other perks.

Then there’s the food and wine.

Luckily for Cati, buñuelos were in-season.  They are cooked in street cars and eaten to mark the “day of the virgins” (Oct. 21) where boys sing to girls, and the girls present the boys with buñuelos.  Fellas, take note– it makes good sense to present a song to a virgin since you’ll likely get little in return– save your actual money for gifts to give to the sure-things [rimshot].  Seriously though,  here’s more info on this peculiar little holiday.  There were also groups of male musicians singing traditional love songs for crowds that gathered to listen.

I skipped the buñuelos and opted to enjoy beer and morcillas.  This combination is a delight akin to other classic combos like “chocolate and peanut butter”– or I dunno– “whiskey and fighting.”

Nina had a blast, and it was practically impossible to get her to sit still for a photo.

Then we headed home.

Although Cati and I appreciate Spain for a myriad of reasons (some illustrated above), it’s got issues too.  Below is an example.  As I was driving, I rounded a curve and encountered this intersection.

Just what exactly am I supposed to do here?  Stop at the green light, or blaze the stop sign?  I can only obey one or the other, right?  Is it my decision?  Does a sign trump a stoplight or does a stoplight trump a stop sign?  Does rock beat paper?  Who’s on first?

I especially like the cherry on top of this cluster sundae– the sign warning of red-light-camera surveillance and ticketing– HA.  The light was red when I stopped at it, so I guess I was not guilty any way you look at it.  The car that followed me through the intersection on green?  That’s another story.

As a bonus, Cati was whistling this tune tonight while giving Nina and Natalia their baths.  Now it’s bouncing around my head.  It’s downright infectious and even Nina dances around to it like a little rudie as I play it on Youtube.