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Fam on the Run

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Since we survived the trip to Spain and back, we scheduled a few progressively less-far trips for the rest of the year.  We loaded up the kids and flew to California to visit friends and family.

Nina and Natalia loved the beach.

We rented a GMC Acadia.  We don’t know that we’d want to own one as an everyday driver, but as a rental vehicle, we loved that thing.  We affectionately called it the land-yacht.

We had tasty burgers at Hodad’s in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

We went sailing with LT on his boat.  By the way, he recently became (f)unemployed so he can sail around the world alone and get in adventures- like Caine from Kung Fu.

Also, note to parents– a sea-sick toddler is a well-behaved toddler.

We also spent a lot of time eating delicious meals with family and catching up.

Natalia already has expensive taste– nothing less than Rolexes (wink).

That is one of my aunt’s unrivaled empanadas pictured above.   Before leaving, we spent a day at the L.A. Zoo and we saw baby komodo dragons.

Then we drove back down for one last visit with friends and we left.

Then a few weeks later we hopped on a plane to Ann Arbor, MI to visit our great friends and former neighbors.

Our friend hosted a Xmas party at his place while we were there– it was great fun.  We improvised the mistletoe.

In the photo below, Natalia falls asleep while our friend (and fellow chemist) explains the research he was involved in during his first post-doc in natural product synthe….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

We had a great time and a lot more great food– then we went back home to beautiful NJ (it really is).

Our last trip wasn’t much of a trip at all.  We met up with our friends in NYC to meet Santa at Macy’s.

Thanks for reading, friends, and have a Happy Holiday Season.

We figure 2011 is going to be a piece of cake around here.