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Joint Development Agreement

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Cati and I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary recently.  A lot has changed in our lives (life?) in the last five years. It’s easy for me to see that cultures that subjugate women are often prone to higher incidences of violence and zealotry.  It appears that when some societies’ collective male psyche is left unchecked by the feminine counterpoint, we see a sort of frat-boy mentality played out to extremes.

Okay, “what the hell is he talking about?”– I am making a point.  Women make us men better men.  This happens on a societal and, for me, a personal level– I have seen the benefit.  Cati has pointed out that it’s a two-way street– hence the title of the post.  She and I are in this together and we’ve completed the first 5 years of the program ;).  We have both grown and changed.  Some of our opinions have mellowed over the years and others have strengthened. Sometimes we agree; often we don’t. I always like to have a drink before an argument to reassure me about how right I am. I know, Cati is a lucky gal. 

We decided to spend the actual evening of our anniversary at home.  We put the peanuts to bed and I cooked dinner while Cati worked on a scavenger hunt through the house to find her anniversary gifts (she just loves that– really).  I made ajo blanco for the first course to be enjoyed with a glass (or two) of Veuve Cliquot (man, that stuff is good).  Then we had oven roasted asparagus and grilled bone-in ribeye steaks from Whole Paycheck Foods.  I made a chimichurri to go with the meat– it kinda stole the show (for me).  We enjoyed a bottle of Spanish red from Ribera del Duero called Pesquera that our fine friends gave us as a gift [Thanks, J and A].  The best part of all is that we had this great little dinner outside on our deck and enjoyed the cool evening weather. 



I also enjoyed the view; who wouldn’t? [wink wink]

Prior to this dinner, I had the chance to take a Harley for a spin.  My friend just bought a 2011 Nightster.  It’s been a while since he has ridden and he was uncomfortable making the 30-mile trip back from the dealership to his house. I, being the giver that I am, volunteered to ride it for him. I know, I know, I’m practically a martyr, ovah here.  It was great fun speeding through the evening on a fast cool bike.  I think about getting another motorcycle from time to time, but I know it will just be a garage ornament as I wouldn’t make time to ride it (too much other stuff to do).

In fact, a look at the photos below demonstrates why I can’t make time to ride motorcycles.  Our weekends and evenings have been filled with trips to the beach, bike rides on NJ trails, cool evening walks through the neighborhood, visits from friends, Independence Day parades, impromptu backyard pool parties, and bicycle rides through Manhattan (sans babies).  See? Busy times are these.


As Cati and I were walking, I happened to look up and notice the intersection at which we were standing.

Naturally, my brain went right to this:

P.S. Still singing it.