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Settling In

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

The move was taxing. Cati and I probably shaved a few years off our lives with this adventure.  We reaffirmed our belief that children need order and schedules. Few things upset that like packing up almost ALL your belongings and bouncing for weeks between hotels and time zones.  Compounding our difficulties are the facts that we don’t speak the language, there is tons of bureaucracy for new residents, I have been battling some sort of nasal, throat, or chest infection for about two months, and figuring out the trains schedules is tough.

We are now, finally, getting settled in nicely.  We had Xmas here in DE and the girls had a ball.  Then we went to Mallorca to spend New Years and Three Kings with my mother-in-law. Nacho is thrilled to have an entirely new continent to pee on.

Not a bad way to transition into a new year.

The girls were basically treated to an extra Xmas day for Three Kings day with my mother-in-law. I actually wonder if they think Santa is kind of cheap relative to “Gaspar, Melchor, y Baltasar.” They got hooked up big-time.

We even went to the local Cabalgata (aka parade) to see the Kings’ arrival to Mallorca.  Nina was excited and picked a favorite– it’s Melchor (for whatever reason).  Well, actually, I think the new tricycle had something to do with why she holds him in such high regard.  And as for Natalia– she lives like everyday is Xmas, so it’s hard to know how excited she was.

We then returned back to DE, to enjoy our beer and Palatinate specialities.

Here’s a photo I took this afternoon while we were out for a family walk.

I think we’ll be okay here afterall.