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Hanging Around

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Recently, while Cati and I were making the hour-long drive home from the airport, we passed the time with idle chatter. We asked each other “If you could go back in time to a particular stage of your life for one week, where/when would that be?” We both pondered this and agreed that our “right now” is pretty good, so we would definitely want to come back to it. Cati said she’d like to spend a week together as we did 5 or 6 years ago as a childless couple in our little house in Albany– those were good times. On weekends, we would stay in bed late and our toughest decision was picking a breakfast joint at which to eat and sip coffee until noon-ish. Cati also mentioned, seeing how good our girls have it, that going back to childhood might be fun too. It’s interesting how well-cared-for babies seem to have 24/7 butler service and they are too young to remember how much we toil and labor for them.  Ah well, we can only hope they remember us favorably when they are picking the nursing home in which to abandon us when we are older, right?

Here are some photos; please enjoy.

Nina makes the international hand signal for “ME WANT FOOD!” in Neustadt, D.

Natailia shows off her delicious pretzel.


Nina is less than thrilled to be on her first Ferris wheel ride; I had fun.

She and Natalia are more into the carousel– it stays at ground level.