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End of Summer 2012

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

We had a great summer of wine fests, food fests, town fests, parks, cycling, swimming pools, biergartens, parties, and museums. The lowlights were the bouts of illness, from stomach bugs to fevers to colds and flus, the European viruses and bacteria had a ball with our New World immune systems. But we endeavoured to persevere and came out victorious– for now.

Here’s a shot of a local park near our house. It’s a lovely little park that unfortunately seems to attract a lot of homeless inebriated old men and what appear to be junkies. Hey, everyone likes flowers, I guess.

It’s big enough for all to enjoy.

I cycled to work. That’s not work in the photo (that would be kinda sad), just me and a colleague on our way. He’s demonstrating the importance of hydrating, me, of photograping.

Here’s a shot I took en route.

I usually take the train to work where this is my parting view of town (sans Heißluftballon).

The girls played.

Nacho chilled.

I taunted koi at a nearby park (which had the unintended effect of making Natalia quite nervous– so I stopped).

A shot on a beautiful day– I think we had Indian food for lunch and let the girls run around.

Nina turned four so we partied in front of our place.

We went to a cool town-party. The whole night was a it like a dream that you hope you’ll have again one night. It was quite fun. We bought shots of home-made schnapps from some sketchy (and very popular) dude on the street. He has a still in the Black Forest and comes to town for this party every year.

A lot of private residences and artist studios were wide open to passers-by.

I stumbled upon a small club with a punk-rock band and stuck around for a song or two.

More milling about.

A rockabilly trio.

We wrapped up the evening at a “French tent” listening to a melodic jazz trio and drinking red wine with friends. Between all the people in our entourage, French, English, Spanish, and German were all getting used to best communicate. Then Cati and I got a call from the sitter informing us that Nina indeed had a stomach bug. We rushed home and were both thankful we ended the night when we did– we may have regretted the wine if we had stayed much later.

Both girls have recovered and are soaring to monumental proportions.

I liked this simple apartment building with orange blinds in Landau. It looked like something from the ’70’s. And look at the foreground of the shot– Cati is from the ’70’s. Have I mastered photo composition or what? Don’t answer that.

We also visited a nice park in another nearby town.

Nina (and Nacho– at bottom) listened to a Sunday morning choir sing in front of a charming little chirch. Then we ate a pretzel on the street and went swimming.

Even though these guys apparently don’t want to go, we’d like to go to Berlin as well– someday. I think the lead singer looks like me, particularly from profile (that handsome devil). Anyone else see it?