All About Eve

Cati and I found a nice place to eat out here in Ann Arbor.  It’s called Eve— and what a fine establishment it is. 

Quaint decor

We were presented with a loaf of bread and three fresh-made, delicious flavored butters.   I enjoyed a 12-yr old scotch and Cati had a bellini (made with peach nectar– always make sure they use peach nectar and not just peach schnapps).  Eve gets bonus points in Cati’s book for knowing how to make a proper bellini. 

like buttah

For her appetizer, Cati ordered the mussels in curry sauce.  Cati and I were super-impressed with the curry sauce.  It was so thick and flavorful, I think it would have impressed even the most fickle desi.  It wasn’t a gimmicky or insipid curry sauce at all– amazing.  Even though we were provided with bread for sopping up the sauce, we had yellow-stained fingers from trying to get every last drop.

Clam and curry sauce

I ordered the pork belly appetizer.  Holy mamma, it was rocket-to-the-moon good.  It was like foie gras and bacon had a love child.  The kind of love-child Diana Ross would write a song about.  Forgive the melodrama, but yeah, it was pretty moving.  [wink]  It was served with three crispy and airy fried wontons and three different types of cool and crunchy cole slaw. 

pork belly 2

Cati had a fish entree; it was Alaskan Halibut.  It was as flavorful as it was beautiful.  The zesty pesto-infused risotto was not as heavy handed as you might think and it complemented the subtle halibut very well.  The basil oil, shaved Fiore di Sardo and cripy peas were a terrific ensemble.  Cati was delighting in her dinner.   


so good

After that decadent pork-belly appetizer, I felt like chicken.  I had a Thai barbeque chicken that was rubbed with chilies, peanuts, and tamarinds.  The bed of coconut-ginger rice upon which it was served was fluffy, tender, and flavorful.  I was struck by the quality of every component on the plate.  There was no second-thought garnish on this plate; it was all excellent and perfectly prepared.  THAT is the mark of an exceptional restaurant.     

Thai BBQ chicken

Thai BBQ chicken 2

Cati and I were passing forks back and forth across the table excitedly saying, “Try this” all evening.  We were acting like a pair of stoners finally getting their hands on some late night Mexican food and tasting every ingredient like it was their first time.  We will miss our favorite Albany, NY restaurants, but we seem to be in good hands so far. 

Also, Cati is out of town with Nina for the week, so you know what that means…

That’s right, I get to be a man-behaving-badly.  Metal loudly fills the house, as I take my meals standing, with a beer, in the kitchen, wearing my favorite paint-stained work jeans.

Hard to believe that even in the bachelor’s paradise I just described, I still miss her (and Nina).  Nacho is living the dream as the only child again.

** Skip to 1:19 in the above video to hear a riff that– if it had come out in 1970– would have put the poor guys in Black Sabbath out of jobs.  **

3 Responses to “All About Eve”

  1. Albany Jane says:

    You had me at the circles of butter. Ok, and the mussels. And the pork belly…

    Enjoy the week of bachelor-hood!

  2. jess says:

    I’m insanely jealous of my mother’s impending trip to visit Cati in Spain. I am insistent that she must try certain dishes for me so that I may live vicariously through her. I’m trying to get her over the aversion to offal and certain types of game first though.

  3. alex|dimitri says:

    AJ- It was really a great meal; we do still miss our Albany favorites. Pour a little Sapporo out onto the ground for us when you are at Saso’s next time (don’t let Saso-san see you though).

    Jess- Don’t be too jealous. Mid-day naps in a hammock in the shade on the beach in Spain aren’t that great. Okay, they are pretty great.; be jealous. We’ll slip your mother all sorts of exotic food and tell her what they are after she eats ’em. We’re sneaky like that. Oh and thanks for the great dining-out tips in your email.