Beware the ides of Oktober

We have been enjoying a beautiful couple of days in the middle of October here in Albany.  There is a touch of fall in the air, but the days are crisp and sunny (it won’t last).  I seem to have come down with a case of German fever.  The doctor prescribed a trip to Rolf’s Pork Store to cure what ails me.  I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t gone there sooner.  I am familiar with their wares as Cati and I have a very kind and charming neighbor who has given us frozen sausages and bacon from Rolf’s as gifts a few times over the years.  We have always liked what he has given us. 

What a gem of a store.  It’s not in the best neighborhood in Albany (corner of Sheridan and Lexington), but it’s not the worst either.  The store is small and consists primarily of a meat counter.  There are some imported pickles, jams, and cheeses along with German candies and flags.  I went for the sole purpose of buying some “brats” for the grill, but I couldn’t resist picking up a few more things while there.  I bought a pint of German potato salad, a half-dozen Mozart kugel chocolates, a few links of bratwurst, garlic bratwurst, and weisswurst.  On the way home, I swung by Oliver’s (aka: beer drinker’s Mecca) and bought six-packs of Spaten and Paulaner Oktoberfests.  We fired up the grill and invited our lovely friend Gina to enjoy the day with us.  In addition to a keen wit and mastery of prose, she brought a twelve-pack of Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest (which was better than her wit and prose by a long shot  :)  ).  Although Renee and I agree that Spaten Oktoberfest is the perfect beer (’cause it is THAT good), the Paulaner and Sam Oktoberfests are delicious as well.   Also, I picked up some sauerkraut from Hawthorne Valley Farms (at the Co-op) to go with the German theme.  I have mentioned the stuff here before; it’s good. 

If you like authentic, quality food, you oughtta go to Rolf’s Pork Store and pick up some goodies.  The sausages are excellent, the chocolates are a sin of indulgence, and the potato salad is beyond compare.  Ever notice how some deli prepared foods taste like they are deli prepared?  I can’t really describe that flavor, but a macaroni salad from Price Chopper always tastes like a macaroni salad that came from Price Chopper.  The potato salad at Rolf’s tastes like it’s homemade.  The vinegar is tart, the bacon bits savory, and the potatoes have just the right firmness–  go get some now; see what I am talking about.   

Let’s not forget the requisite peppers and onions.

After the beautiful plate of food above, we brewed some coffee and had dessert– three times.

Dessert 1:

The aforementioned Mozart marzipan chocolates.  My dear mum turned us on to these a few years back.  They are so good, there oughtta be laws against it.  I understand that marzipan is an acquired taste for some; but to us, it’s nothin’ but good.   

Dessert 2:

Oh c’mon, a bite or two of chocolate hardly makes a proper dessert, so we had another.  I bought some pumpkin ice cream on a whim at the Co-op the other day.  It’s from Adirondack Creamery and it’s quite good (although a bit chalky for some reason).  I served the ice cream with a small piece of heated up apple tart.  The apple tart was made and delivered to us with affection by our lovely friend Jen (the real star of 

Hand modeling by Gina

Dessert 3:

A glass of Tokaji.  We were introduced to this sweet wine at Angelo’s 677 Prime a few years back.  We found it, quite by accident, at a wine shop here in town and bought it straight away. It’s ridiculously good (and it better be for what it co$t$).  This Hungarian wine kinda breaks the German theme, but hey, it’s good (plus if it were up to the Germans of years passed, Hungary would be Germany [wink]). 

To return to the German theme, here is the best German hip-hop song you’ll hear all day (play loud, grab your sweetheart, enjoy) :

And for no reason at all; here’s a picture of Nina in a sweater and a babushka.

7 Responses to “Beware the ides of Oktober”

  1. Lydia says:

    I love all the pictures but the last one is the best! That little peanut looks good enough to eat.

  2. renée says:

    what a great sounding day!

    i love those shots with nacho in the background.

    i agree with lydia, but i think nina is more noodle-like.

    we’ve been rocking the hacker-pschorr oktoberfest because it’s a few dollars cheaper at the suburban beverage center near my work. thanks for the reminder to switch back to spaten!

    high fives to your family!

  3. Gina says:

    I’ll take that dig. Who needs wit and mastery of prose when you have friends who will invite you to such a delicious feast and fun night? Thanks again for a fantastic meal and evening–even though I did cry later about not going to a movie– ;).

    And it’s not “for no reason at all”, you need a picture of Nina because the final course was spent passing around that adorable little chickpea!

  4. alex|dimitri says:

    Is all this talk about peanuts, noodles and chick peas making anyone else crave Thai food and Channa Masala?

    ;) Thanks for all the kind words, ladies

  5. renée says:

    i wonder why we associate cute children and pets with food. do you think it has to do with some sort of urban legend? interesting. (or not)

  6. celinabean says:

    She is yummy that’s for sure.

  7. Mr.Dave says:

    Have you tried the Mozart Piano Bars? They are delicious, I love pistachio. By the way, I really enjoy your blog. I do an Upstate/Guilderland/Albany kind of humorous food blog myself. If you have a spare minute check it out at