This is what is happening:



and this:


Means a weekend of this:

 Cati and the Nach

and of course, this:

Plato de la comida

..mmmm.  Try not to lick the screen.

Here is a handy key:

The key 



  1. Wasa sesame wheat crips
  2. Gouda cheese
  3. I forget (some french cheese a lot like queso manchego)
  4. Queso de Murcia (olé!!)
  5. Queso manchego
  6. Chorizo
  7. Marcona almonds
  8. Tortilla española
  9. Jamon Serrano
  10. Cabot habeñero sharp cheddar (yeah, Vermont)


2 Responses to “This is what is happening:”

  1. Mmm… delicious… both all the snow and the treats! Looks like you got the whole photo upload thing working right. Well done, sir! (I’ll email you some crazy snow photos of Saratoga we took (some highlights on my blog, too.)

  2. Teresa says:

    Limpiar la drive way, eso si fue duro! Pero si luego se reponen fuerzas con una cena tan deliciosa quizas se pueda decir que vale la pena que caiga tanta nieve de una sola tacada.