Discovering Troy again for the first time

I have been here in Albany since early 2003, and since then, I have heard rumblings of a Troy revitalization.  I don’t know if the efforts of those trying to revive Troy are paying off, but y’know, maybe…  I went to RPI for my MBA, and Cati went to Sage for her teaching certification (both in Troy), and to be honest, we thought Troy was kind of, well, depressing

Recently however we are seeing a new side of Troy, and it’s really got something going on.  We went to a party a few weekends ago in a swank little apartment on a stylish street, with some very cool people (e.g. Renee, Malvina, Victoria, Brian, etc. etc.); all in Troy. 

This past Saturday Cati and I went for a weekend walk in Troy where we visited charming bookstores, hip clothing stores, cool music stores, and quaint cafes.  Lark St., and downtown Albany are turning into entertainment/nightlife districts, and are losing the neighborhood feel that Troy seems to have.  Take note, Albany! 

If you are close by, head to downtown Troy for an afternoon (or better yet, their “Troy Night Out” events– never been, heard it’s fun).  I guess it’s all about knowing the right places to go and things to do.  Although it’s not without it’s problems, there is an element to Troy that is on it’s way up with a sincere, artsy feel. 

A classic Troy landmark (as far as we’re concerned) that we have known about and frequented for years is FAMOUS LUNCH, right in downtown Troy  (ok, now you know what really brought us to Troy on a Saturday afternoon).  They serve these great little hot-dogs that are cased at the local pork-store right up the street.  In fact, we like this place so much, we bought a painted print from a local artist at last year’s Greek Festival at St. Basil’s in Troy (way better than the Greek Festival in Albany, but that’s a whole other post). 

Have a look:


Now add an annoying SUV and voila:


The food is always so good.  I know, they’re just hot-dogs, but a steady stream of patrons and a local source for the frankfurters make sure the food is always fresh and delicious.  The place has a retro vibe to it, and it’s pretty cheap.  Cati and I both fill up for less than $10.  No one has hot-dogs as good as these guys.   It’s times like these I pity vegetarians. 





Also, some of you know that one of my hobbies is canine lobotomy.  Nacho has been barking a lot, so we headed to the garage where I extracted a region of his frontal lobe to modify the behavior.  Here’s the scar:


Nacho can now solve differential equations and speaks Esperanto.  I kid; he had a little cyst removed at the vet, and he is recovering nicely.  See, all ready to go road-tripping:


6 Responses to “Discovering Troy again for the first time”

  1. Celia says:

    Alex, I didn’t know you had this kind of hobbies, so strange… (Cati, are you sure that you want to continue living with this guy? tú piénsatelo…)
    But … probably you had some problems with the surgery, according to the photo looks like more the lobe occipital that frontal … Ja ja jajaja … now I understand that Nacho solves differential equations!!!

    By the way, I also liked much the famous lunch in troy

  2. renee says:

    let me know when you are in town again and i will join you for a hot dog! jason will watch or eat a lovely egg sandwich prepared with love at the famous. i used to feel like i was all about albany and then i moved to schenectady where i felt no pride. now i’m in troy and it just feels right. shout out the the collar city! shout out!

    we are trying to enter into this weekend with no plans. although we do have wiffle ball birthday plans on sunday afternoon. i’m not sure if we can make it to a brunch before. i will keep you posted.


    who the heck is brian?

  3. Victoria says:

    my 2 cents:

    1. i am cool – thank you for noticing
    2. famous lunch – nasty
    3. famous lunch print – awesome!
    4. nacho – super cute!
    5. you thinking one of our friend’s names is Brian – (tempted to say “priceless” here but i will not, too dumb) funny as hell

  4. alex|dimitri says:

    AH HA! His name IS Brian. Katie’s boyfriend. I was RIGHT! I was RIGHT! :p yesssss

  5. renee says:

    and i am a super jerk for not remembering. my brother’s name is brian, so i will say that i thought you were thinking of him and he was not there. or something. yikes!

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