You Rang?

So we went from this…

to this…

…in one short plane ride.  No one likes it except Nacho.

When the mercury drops, Cati and I enjoy few things more than some core-warming soup.  Man, there is just something downright cozy about a bowl of steamy broth on a cold day.  We found two places here in Albany that scratch that itch quite well– CCK Chinese and Arirang Japanese, Korean, and Thai; both on Central Ave. 

CCK, or “if if what” as my wife calls it (get it? she’s Spanish– Ha, I kill me sometimes) is the real deal.  Great Chinese food is their forte, not English.  Check out the specials posted above the cash register; they are only in Chinese. 

Cati and I had some wonton soup, dumplings, fried tofu, and the braised yee mein with beef.  Cati’s favorite dish is the Buddha delight, but they were all out on our last visit. 

Celinabean has a far-superior post on this place here.

Arirang is a real find too.  I know that I have derided multi-ethnicity restaurants as being sub-par jacks-of-all-trades-masters-of-none, but we only stick to the Korean food when we go.  As for sushi, my palate is spoken for, thank you very much, and why would I want Koreans to make Thai food for me?  That’s like having a Greek chef make haggis– no thanks.  Maybe I’m guilty of restaurant racial-profiling, but I like the chefs that prepare my food to be of the nationality of the cuisine in which they specialize (or at least trained there for YEARS).  Even then, it’s still no guarantee that the food will be any good.  It’s just a stereotyping tool I use to save time.  [wink]  Am I just a food-bigot or does anyone agree with me on this one?  Anyone?  [crickets chirping]

I digress, back to Arirang.  The (Korean) food there is quite good.  Have a look at the dumpling soup and seafood stew Cati and I had on our last visit.  The soups were so warm and flavorful we were reeling.  Plus my soup was so spicy, I was super content.  And who doesn’t love those little Korean plates of kim chee, potatoes, and fish cake…mmmm.  I have to be quicker with the camera if I want to get photos of the appetizers.  The dumplings lasted for 0.43 seconds. 

I had their tasty bibimbap on a previous visit.

Celinabean scooped me on this place too (see here)…and naturally, she did a better job.  “Drats, foiled again!”

Here’s an enjoyable Stones’ video circa 1978 (you didn’t post this, Celina– so there!!):

Look, even Nina likes the video…”yep!” 

8 Responses to “You Rang?”

  1. Eddie says:

    Thank goodness you have chosen a “warmer” place to move…

  2. Cati says:

    Don’t worry, Eddie. We are on our way to California -just moving a couple of states at a time… right, Alex?

  3. Gina says:

    Hey, if you guys move to Cali, it won’t be hard to convince all your friends to follow you!

    I’m definitely going to make a visit to Arirang again–but maybe just for take out (depending on the temperature in there).

  4. alex|dimitri says:

    Well it ain’t much colder either.

    Baby steps, baby.

    Sure, you’re just saying that. It’s like all those people in 2004 who said they’d move to Canada if Bush were to get re-elected. Did anyone actually go? Yeah, I thought not.

    Anyway, I am pleased to see the country so stoked about its new Prez today.

    Here’s to a prosperous and transformational four years, America (we need it)!

  5. Eddie says:

    Sorry Cati, it is actually warmer,%20MI&sfld2=albany,%20ny&clocid1=USMI0028&clocid2=

    Next stop Idaho…Nina will enjoy California High School….

    I agree Alex, what a day.

  6. leslie says:

    Hey, am I reading this right? Are you moving??

  7. alex|dimitri says:

    Yes we are. I was passed over for Clinton’s senate seat, so whatever…we’re outta here.

  8. leslie says:

    I can’t believe you were over looked! Totally shocking. So where are you going? I sent you an email to this address – is it still active or do you have another one you’d prefer me use?
    Christine sent me a copy of your holiday card and it was hilarious! I loved it. And from the photos on this site Nina looks pretty cute! How is everyone? Say hi to Cati for me, please!