Just Picture It.

Two days before we left Albany, NY, we had a “last supper” with some of our friends.  The party was at our old house which sold in 6 days – chin up, Albany.  Apparently, the economy is not so bad!   

Nina was shown pictures of her parents as children.  She realized she is going to have some rough years in front of her…ROUGH YEARS.  Look at her expression of deep concern and fear. 

Then, the following night, we had a send-off party at the bar at 74 State.  Much fun was had. 

Nina conked out in a warm pair of arms. 

The next morning, my navigator Nacho and I left Albany for good (along with a caravan of friends in other vehicles).  Cati and Nina flew separately. 

We stopped at Duff’s in Buffalo, NY for their lauded Buffalo wings. 

They were good.

I also had a beef on weck.  It was good, too.

Nina and Nacho explore one of the many empty rooms in the new house. 

Shortly after our move, we had to make a trip to Spain.  Nina sleeps on an escalator in Spain; Cati and la suegra hermosa lead the way.

Nina and Cati both sleep on the plane ride home from Spain (this photo makes me sleepy).

Cati and Nina find an Ikea to fill some of the empty rooms in our new home.  It looks like someone likes shopping already…

Oh yeah, and spoons aren’t just for eating anymore:

5 Responses to “Just Picture It.”

  1. Angel says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the update. We’ve been thinking about you and wondering how things are going. The pictures are fantastic – what a beautiful and adorable little girl. Sara and Erin and I agree that our favorite is the one of Nina in the shopping cart. Have a great day and say hello to Cati and Nina for us. Angel

  2. In that first photo… so THAT’S what my ass looks like! Mystery solved. :)

    I’m glad Jen and I got to be part of your NY-to-MI caravan, and that we had some rockin’ send-off parties for you.

    We miss you guys!

  3. Lydia says:

    I have always sooooooo enjoyed your food reviews and I still do but I need to tell you Nina beats them all. The pictures of Cati and Nina sleeping in the plane and the one in the cart are just toooooo much.

  4. Gina says:

    I’ve been very excited about my impending visit, but seeing those photos of Nacho, Nina, and Cati have made me impatient: I can’t wait to see you guys! And when did she get those teeth?!

  5. alex|dimitri says:

    We are doing well and settling in nicely (albeit slowly). Give hugs to your little ones from us, and we hope to see you all here this fall (Penn State @ Michigan).

    I photoshopped your posterier to make it look like that.

    You’re just saying that because Nina looks like you.

    You will always have a place to stay… as long as there are hotels. heheheh. I kid.