I upgraded the ol’ v-rod to a wider back tire.  I took the sage advice from the v-rod owner’s group and went with the Metzeler 200mm back tire upgrade.  The bike feels a little less nimble on a wider tire, but maybe I just need to get used to it.  One thing is for sure; I like the new look. 
Before:                                              After:

Thoughts?  I like the wider-tire look. Can anyone else see a difference, or am I spending too much time looking at this bike? 

(The really keen eye might also notice that I sealed my asphalt driveway while the bike was in the shop.  Yeah, uh, that was not fun.  Next time I’ll pay someone to do it instead of doing it myself.  Doing it myself may have even been more expensive.  But hey, at least now I’ll know what I’ll be paying them for when I have it done, eh?)

Maybe my next upgrade (years from now) will be to a REALLY fat tire.  Like this guy’s:
got much back

That would require quite a few mods to the back-end.  In going to the 200mm, I didn’t have to do anything but take off the lower belt guard (even I can do that). The tire directly above is a 260mm (180mm is stock).  That is, if they don’t hurry up and invent these things already.

Cati and I are enjoying riding season.  Cati rides a Buell Blast, just like this one.  Over Memorial Day weekend we visited Williamstown and North Adams, MA, on our bikes.  Of course, I didn’t bring the camera (we always forget that thing).  We like taking pictures, only in theory.  (Update: The charming and talented Gabe posted some pictures of the day on his blog.  Check out the comments of this post for the link.  Thanks G!)  We went with the always-enjoyable Jen and Gabe who wore hot-pants an leather vests and rode on the back of our bikes.  Kidding, they drove separately in their car and met us there. 

In Williamstown, we ate lunch at an Indian Buffet where I injured myself by eating too much (I’d do it again).  Then we strolled across campus to “River Fest” and, pretty much, just enjoyed the weather.  When we went to North Adams, we visited Mass MoCA.  There were some very cool pieces on display by Spencer Finch, and some stuff I just didn’t get.  For example, there were blank canvasas with very descriptive titles (pffft, artists).  We ended our idyllic Saturday with a backyard BBQ at our friends’ place in Saratoga.  Although our lovely hosts are vegetarian (they ate Quorn patties), they hooked us omnivores up with some tasty burgers (yesssss).  Ahhh, the good life.

Sunday, Cati and I continued our motorcycle weekend and went down to Hudson, NY.  What a great little town.  On our way down, we stopped at Olana; meh.  It was the home of the American painter; Frederic Edwin Church.  I am told we should have taken the guided tour of the inside, but we didn’t. 

In Hudson, we ate lunch at Mexican Radio on Warren St. (yep, just like the song), and then checked out all the cool shops and boutiques.  Apparently, Hudson is experiencing an upswing.  Mexican Radio was a bit pricey for what it was, but it had a cool vibe, and the food was good.  We paid $5/bottle for Negra Modelo (gimme a break).  I guess they get a lot of big-spenders up from NYC.  I liked how they had a massive selection of various hot-sauces at our disposal.  We ordered a plate of nachos (not that Nacho), and the fish tacos.   

We took 9J, up the river, on the ride home, and it was quite picturescque.  We did get caught in a terrential down-pour on the ride home, but that happens sometimes.  We were literally wringing out our socks when we got home. 

Our ride was pleasant, but check out this woman’s ride through Chernobyl; scary (and powerful) stuff. 

P.S.-  ‘Tis the season to watch for motorcycles.  Keep checkin’ those blindspots, folks.

Also, I found this post about Famous Lunch” in Troy:  word.  Yeah, that place is great.

3 Responses to “Ride”

  1. Looks like we’re both in the blog zone today, my friend! I just posted photos of our getaway and BBQ in this post.

    I dig the new, fatter tire on the V-Rod. It makes it (and you, by extension, of course) look all the more badass.

  2. JWW says:

    WONDERFUL BLOG! i totally dig your writeups and stories and pics. SWEET RIDES! last time i was in williamstown i had some amazing pizza at hot tomatoes on water st (which just happens to be across the street from my favorite record store in the world, toonerville trolley), next time you’re out that way take a detour towards bennington, the blue benn diner will blow you away! and for a perfect slice of heaven leave bennington on route 2 back towards troy and stop at the man of kent for a pint and a sandwich, one of my favorite places on earth

  3. alex|dimitri says:

    Thanks for the comments. I will definitely check out the places you are suggesting, JWW.