Tulip Fest weekend

We had a beautiful couple-of-days here in smAlbany over Tulip Fest weekend.  See what Wikipedia has to say about it here.  Nothing too spectacular to report except that Spring has sprung, and the entire Capitol District has come to life. Friday, Cati and I went to the MFA exhibit at SUNY to meet up with our friends Ryan* and Esti (among others).  We checked out all the photos, sculptures, and paintings.  We were even served beer from the tip of a giant phallus by two people in all-white skintight unitards (pffft, artists).  Then Cati and I swung-by this little restaurant I may have mentioned once or twice for some dinner.  Then we went back to party the night away at Ryan and Esti’s swanky little pad right here in our very own Pine Hills [flashing gang sign]. 

Saturday, we had brunch with Les Frenchies at Mezzo on Hamilton St and Dove (you should go).  Brunch was good, but the real draw was the sunny day on the open patio.  Then Cati and I went for a motorcycle ride through Niskayuna and Schenectady, and then we went to the Tulip Fest to eat some gyros, people watch, and check out Joan Jett.  We only stayed for 4-5 five Joan Jett songs as we were getting a little bored (sorry, Joan).  Some things are better in small doses, eh?  That evening, we had the always-enjoyable Gabe and Jen over for a backyard, fireside BBQ.  Jen brought these tastey little Italian cookies with her.  We grilled burgers, while our dear veggie friends had portabello burgers.**

(Aside on food: Cati and I are pleased that “Ezekiel 4:9” started making whole wheat, preservative-free, hamburger buns (found in the frozen section). It helps us avoid all that refined flour I mentioned in the past. Don’t let the fact that it’s healthy discourage you; it’s delicious. Would be nice to find healthier tortilla shells without partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and emulsifiers and the like. Anyone know any decent brands?)

Sunday, I washed the bikes, cut the grass, cleared some brush at la suegra hermosa’s, and then Cati and I walked to Tulip Fest with The Nach, and took some photos.  On the way back from Washington Park, we had a few margaritas at El Mariachi II.  It was a great weekend all around; both fun and productive.  Have a look:

O What fun

whatsamattahyou?  cookies



*Ryan Parr is über-talented and, coincidentally(?), the most resourceful guy I know.  He makes Macgyver look wasteful. Check out his paintings here and his video side-projects here.  Also, he will be showing a piece here in the near future (the opening is on May 24th). The painting he has submitted (it’s the one titled Uda) happens to be one of my favorites; head to the airport to check it out if you can. The website photo just isn’t a good substitute for “experiencing it” full-size, in person.  His paintings are big and impressive.  Hey, Rothko even went so far as specifying the optimal viewing distance of exactly 46cm(18in) for his own paintings.

Here’s a great example of Ryan’s keen eye, creativity, and perseverance on a project.  He took photos of his feet, in placecs all over the world, for five years, and built a great montage (with the help of a good tune from the band Spoon.)  It’s fun to watch.  Check it out: 

**Portabello burgers are quite easy and usually a pretty big hit with vegetarians.  All I do is trim the stems, wash ’em, arrange them upside down, then pour soy sauce into the them, sprinkle some adobo, and then some garlic salt.  Then I’ll score the bottom so the mushroom will absorb the seasoning.  Let that sit for ~30min before grilling.  Grill upside down, then flip after ~2-4 min, grill the bottom side for a bit, and that’s it.  Place on toasted bun, open cold beer, enjoy.   

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