Not a Rerun; We Went Back.

Ok, Cati and I know what we like and we like what we know.  We went back to Pacific Rim a few weeks back.  Here’s what we had;

Cati ordered the Pumpkin Bisque:  


I thought it was more of a puree than a bisque, but Cati really liked it.  I’ve seen enough baby food, lately; I had no interest. 

I did order the Farmer’s Market Salad:


Nice flavorful greens and a tangy dressing.  It wasn’t terribly creative, but it was a well-executed, garden-fresh, green salad, with a light and flavorful dressing (mm-mmm).   See, I’m easy to please. 

Cati had the Thai Pesto Fettuccini:


Described in the menu as “Housemade fettuccini pasta tossed with sautéed seasonal vegetables and edamame, served with a Thai basil pesto and garlic-black bean sauce.”  The Thai flavors went very well with the pasta.  The pesto was oily and sapid– as you’d expect from a pesto.  It was quite good, but seemed like little more than the sum of its parts.  I don’t know; it could have used something to tie it all together.  After it cooled a bit, it actually got better as the oil thickened and stuck to the pasta and veggies.  Relative to the dish I ordered Cati’s Thai Pesto didn’t stand a chance…



I had the Korean-style braised short-rib special.  Holy smokes; I easily won this evening’s “battle of the entrees.”  The braised beef  was down-right succulent; it was braised for 4 hours in blend of orange juice, soy sauce, honey, and red wine.  It was served with English peas [‘ello guvna], Swiss chard [yodelay HEE-HOO], and crimini mushrooms [I got nuthin’] and the lick-the-plate good butternut squash puree on which it was served made the perfect substrate for sopping up all those delicious flavors in the braising liquid.  I wish I had taken better photos to do it justice.  Just look at that pool of jus in my plate; the perfectly-cooked buttery meat fell off the bone.  The Catholic church has banned this dish as a sin of the flesh– yeah, that good.  I would order this again– heck, I’d order it right now.  The only bad thing about it were Cati’s uninvited chopsticks pilfering my plate. 

For dessert, I had an Irish Coffee and we shared the warm chocolate cake.  




The toasty-hot gooey chocolate cake, “coconut-Kahlúa ice cream, and sake-macerated cherries” go together beautifully.  We ordered it on our last visit and had to have it again. 

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were presented with a complimentary dessert from the chef– the almond panna cotta.  


This dessert really showed off the chef’s refined touch.  The panna cotta was not heavy or custardy at all; rather, it was silky smooth and creamy; the amaretto flavor was mild but oh so rich.  The strawberry red-wine reduction with which it was served added a a bit of tart to every bite.  I was so impressed with how smooth it was and how it all came together.  We’ll definitely be back.  I don’t think anyone in Ann Arbor reads this blog, but if you are local or ever in the area, ya gotta try this place. 

Just for chuckles, here’s Nina as “Super Baby” for Halloween:  


We thought it an appropriate costume for a baby that never stops moving (until she crashes, of course).  She is super-active and never mildly states how she feels or what she wants; she points and screams.  Ah well, we managed to fool all our neighbors with this cute get-up.  Yeah, we raked in the candy– heh heh, suckers.   :)  

5 Responses to “Not a Rerun; We Went Back.”

  1. llcwine says:

    wow…loads of yummilicious food, and Nina is adorable.

  2. alex|dimitri says:

    Thanks for the compliment, llc. We think she’s cute, but it’s always nice to get an outside opinion. ;) That braised short-rib was incredible.

  3. Gina says:

    Those short ribs look delicious and your description certainly made me want some.

    Nina is so cute I could pass out from the cuteness.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  4. Amanda says:

    So excited to hear there’s another Sokolowski on the way! Nina’s adorable!

  5. Albany Jane says:

    Happy pregnancy! Personally, I would switch to an all-shortrib diet if I were Cati. I’d make special exceptions for panna cotta, but really, when we’re talking about health one can never be too cautious.