“Hard to Explain”

Here are some gastronomic (and other) highlights that probably warrant a post all their own, but I have grouped ’em into one.

Cati took me to a great sushi place for my birthday. It’s called Sharaku in West Bloomfield, MI. It was incredible…better than Saso’s (RIP).




The uni and ikura were so nice, we ordered ’em twice.  It was easily the best uni we have ever had. 



Some complimentary dessert from the sushi chef.  It was a kind of bean paste with some frozen grapes– quite tasty really. 


We bought an iRobot Roomba for the house. I am aware that I am helping usher in the robot apocalypse, but it’s a handy little tool that vacuums up nicely.  I don’t know when exactly it will turn on us to enslave humanity, but it’s taking care of a dreaded household chore, so whatever. 


Our friend, who knows a lot about sushi, hosted a sushi party at his place. I prepped the quail eggs (ignore the shell fragments in the bottom left egg.)





My same friend, who lived in Japan for many years, introduced me to natto. There is nothing like it– it’s funky.  I actually thought it was a gross stringy mess the first time, but now I really like the stuff.  It’s fermented soybeans that have a very unique nutty flavor.  If you get the chance to try it, I recommend it (no money-back guarantees).  Apparently, the rule is that you have to try natto seven times before you like it – kind of like whisky or cigarettes (I like those too).


Also, we were in Albany for a weekend not too long ago and went to Angelo’s 677 Prime for dinner (along with three of our friends). We were presented with a smoked-salmon cake amuse-bouche (Thanks, Chef!). It was very salty but the smokey bacon flavors were quite good.


Cati had the American Kobe steak on a hot river rock appetizer.  Yeah, it was gimmicky, but good– really good.   




The wasabi mashed potatoes kinda stole the show.  They were so strong with the wasabi.  We teared up a little with each bite, but none of us could stop eating ’em.


When a pregnant woman wants two chocolate desserts, she gets two chocolate desserts.  She also ordered the tall glass of milk– for the baby, of course. 



While we were in the Capital District, we went to Famous Lunch in Troy, NY for some mini-hotdogs (we can’t resist the call of cased-pork).  They are so good.


Nina enjoys her first mini-dogs (plain).  Her fingers look like mini hot dogs themselves:


Summer Nina in Mallorca:


Fall Nina in Michigan (not her real ears):


…and the inspiration for the title of this post:

3 Responses to ““Hard to Explain””

  1. Celia says:

    eeey! I love the strokes! and also I love Julian Casablancas solo album -I went to one of his shows in LA a few days ago- I just love his music!
    Nina is sooooo cute and lovely, I like the pictures of her, eating the delicious mini hot dogs, her summer and fall version… but I miss some pictures of you two!
    Btw- do you still have that picture of the famous lunch? I´ve just remembered it when I saw the place in the link…

  2. celinabean says:

    Oh wow. The uni looks amazing. I have yet to find great in the the CR.

  3. Albany Jane says:

    Do they make bear hats in adult sizes? Or for the individual with a well endowed noggin? Seriously, really cute.

    And killer looking sushi party. It makes me want to cry tears of soy sauce to eat with the salmon. So buttery, so rich. Yum!