Xmas 2009

We went to my folks’ place in FL for Xmas 2009.  Much fun was had.  As we were miserable and waiting in line to check our bags from DTW to TPA, we caught a lucky break.  Apparently there is an entirely separate private check-in room for Big-3 bigwigs.  I guess, with all that holiday spirit being in the air, the ticket agent had pity on Cati and me so she escorted us to this secret room behind the frosted doors and there we were, our own private check-in counter and agent; it was great.  We didn’t ask why we got the special treatment; we just went with it. 



I am noticing that food photos occupy far less memory on my camera’s memory card than do photos of Nina.  I pretty much take pictures of Nina now.  I’ll do my best not to bore you all with cliche family vacation photos (no promises). 





Ok, this isn’t working, let’s change the subject.  My buddy LT and I cut down some sugar cane for my father’s cows.  We helped ourselves to a few pieces.  It was sweet and juicy, not much flavor; but sweet and juicy is fine. 


On Xmas Eve we were all treated to some beautiful Ukrainian folk music.  Carolers serenaded us with the prettiest songs we had heard in a long time.  We all got a little misty-eyed at how touching the musinc was– it even resonated with the Spaniard and Norwegian who were there.    


Pigs in zen:


I tried a new food on this trip.  It’s called chayote.  I really liked it boiled and then seasoned with a bit of salt and olive oil.  It is light on flavor like a potato and watery/juicy like a zuchini.   


We had a delicious meal together, thanks to my dear ol’ mom, on Xmas Eve.  Ham, empanadas, boiled yucca (w/ Cuban mojo), fried yucca (for the kids), and a nice greens salad were on the menu that night. 


Much fun was had and much food was eaten by all.  You oughtta see Cati’s belly.  ;)

6 Responses to “Xmas 2009”

  1. Lydia says:

    Beautiful pictures! Then ones of Nina are definitely my favorites! So keep taking them!

  2. theff says:

    When I looked at the sugar cane photo, I thought “Man, that dude has some long dreads!” –but then I realized that it was just a camera strap fail. Good thing you opted for that extra-wide angle feature! ;-)
    Cati looks great, btw.

  3. Gina says:

    I’m not surprised you had your own private check-in counter and agent–that’s the kind of luck you guys seem to have (like getting the chef’s table at Dale Miller). It’s also possible that since half of your time is spent at the airport, she recognized you and thought you deserved a break. Either way, it was a nice gift for the holidays.

    I’ll take all the photos of Nina you have because her cuteness scores a bit higher than yummy looking food (though I like those too). Still where’s Mr. Nacho?

    Tell your wife to call me!

  4. flor says:

    Hey guys and cute little girl! I love the pictures of Nina, she is so pretty. Chayote is common in Mexico and it is tasteless to me… I did not enjoy it when I was a kid.
    Saludos y felicidades por el bebe que viene en camino!

  5. alex|dimitri says:


    Nah, LT thinks dreads are too preppy.

    Yeah, we caught a lucky break.

    You’re right, not too flavorful, but I liked it.

  6. The food is yummy, the kid is cute, Cati looks gorgeous as ever, and you, you are the man behind the camera.

    Good to hear from you!