Tia Pol

Cati and I got a babysitter and took a few hours to pretend that Nina doesn’t run our entire lives (she does).  We decided to head into Manhattan.  We went on a Friday night and traffic into the Holland Tunnel was kind of a nightmare.  To further the illusion that we still have a life, we took the BMW coupe into town (1988 M635CSi).

The car doesn’t like to idle as it gets really hot; it likes to keep moving.  So as we were sitting in traffic waiting to enter the tunnel, I nervously watched the needle on the temperature gauge slowly rise higher and higher.  I imagined what would happen if the car were to overheat in the tunnel.  Imagine– smoke pouring out of a stopped car in the middle of the Holland tunnel.  Homeland Security would be on me like a rat on a cheeto.   I was a little nervous.   Maybe, next time, we’ll take the train.  The drive back was fine.

We ate at a funky little tapas place in Chelsea called “Tia Pol.”  It’s a tiny place that only seats ~40 people.  We ordered various tapas.  The patatas bravas were excellent.  A lot of the food was a little too salty, especially the croquetas.  To get ME to say something is too salty ain’t easy– I typically salt salt.  I reckon they make a lot of money on sangria, so salty food likely keeps the stuff flowing.  I was driving and Cati is growin’ a baby so no sangria for us.

In keeping with the Spanish theme of this post, check this out:

They are freaks with the talent, eh?  They are eponymously called “Rodrigo y Gabriela.”  Incredible music, no?  I actually get the chills– goosebumps and all– every time I listen to it.

If you don’t like this music, you may want to call your doctor because you might be dead inside.  I kid; enjoy.

Also, Nina likes to help me do projects around the house.  She will come, grab my tools, and start doing some approximation of whatever I’m doing.  That’s my peanut.

5 Responses to “Tia Pol”

  1. LT says:

    Not bad, but do you think they would get as much attention if they were Rodrigo and Gabriel?

  2. alex|dimitri says:

    Not from me, they wouldn’t. :)

  3. Gina says:

    Cati looks fantastic for a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy! Glad you guys got out!

  4. Albany Jane says:

    You guys are back! Hooray!

    (and echoing Gina, seriously 9 months? No way!)

  5. Kim H says:

    Just stumbled across your blog because we’re going to the St. Sophia Greek Festival tonight and I was wondering if I could get a beer – thanks for the info.
    Once I got to your blog . . . and got a little sidetracked . . .