“Summertime Rolls*”

We’ve had a great summer (so far).  Nina has been cruising around on her tricycle practically every afternoon.  She doesn’t always look like a state trooper as the photo below would indicate.  She really likes it.

She also “helped” me install the Thule bike carrier I bought for the back of the car.  I put help in quotes because she just took things out of the box and played with them.  Then she made me chase her to get them when I needed them– y’know, helping.

I managed to get it on there all the same.  It’s great; we have been lugging our bikes to trails and bike paths all over the place.  It’s the Thule 915 xt; I recommend it.  The bike shops around here wanted $270 for it, but I found it online for $220 (free shipping).  Thanks internet, you paid for yourself this month.  I also bought the Draw-tite class III trailer hitch on craigslist fro $60 and put it on myself.

Also, we went to the Independence Day parade in Chatham.  I think parades are only really fun for kids, so bringing Nina made it fun for us all.  She was really into it.  Natalia slept through the whole thing in Grandma’s arms.

Nina liked the firetrucks.

Nacho created a small scene of giggling and pointing from all the kids around us when he felt compelled to howl along with the firetruck sirens.  I managed to capture some of his howling on video before it degraded into your run-of-the-mill barking.  I don’t think he liked the horn blast at 0:08.  It’s great to see the little wolf in Nacho come out every once in a while.  Seeing him howl results in instant laughter– talk about delusions of grandeur.

We walked to the farmer’s market after the parade before heading home.

All the excitement took its toll and Nina crashed.

The following weekend, for the World Cup final, we visited my sister’s place in Brooklyn.  She lives in a neighborhood called DUMBO– which stands for down under the Manhattan bridge overpass.  Cati and I commented that this is an ideal neighborhood for trolls due to the fact that they really live under the bridge.  It’s a lovely neighborhood all the same with charming parks and scenic routes for taking a walk.

Can you spot the famous American landmark in the center of the photo below?  (Hint: It’s The Statue of Liberty).

We went for a walk early in the morning and preparations were being made to show the game on a big screen in one of the walkways under the Manhattan Bridge.

Here’s what the place looked like come game time:

There were several hundred people there with standing room only in the back.  We all watched the game in an air-conditioned, sound-proofed, apartment six stories up with sleeping babies strewn about the place.  We were glad to see the good-guys win; Spain- 1, Netherlands- 0.  Considering the way the Dutch played, I think they were confused and thought it was a contest to see which team could get the most yellow cards.    Interestingly, it was the dirtiest World Cup final in history with 13 yellow cards dealt.  tsk tsk.

Also, Cati and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  Thinking of a gift for Cati is always a challenge.  What can one get for someone whose every possible desire was fulfilled the day she married the perfect husband?  [I’ll take a husband muzzle— Cati].

I used Yelp to find a well regarded Spanish restaurant in the area and I called ’em up and asked them to make me 20 croquetas de pollo.  The croquetas weren’t a regular menu item so I called a few days in advance and explained that I married a Spaniard and it was our anniversary, etc. etc.  They agreed to make them for me and we arranged a pick-up time.  I went, left a healthy tip, and brought them home to my super-pleased little wifey.  She was thrilled, they were delicious, and she immediately put me on a croqueta ration that I was not to exceed.  We highly recommend Don Pepe II (Well, actually we can only vouch for the croquettes and accommodating service).

We busted out some cheese, pate, sausage, and champagne to go along with them.

Hey, we are very grateful for what a great summer it has been–  more fun to come.

*Where were you in ’89?

8 Responses to ““Summertime Rolls*””

  1. Lydia says:

    What a fantastic time I had with my family and especially my grandbabies!

  2. Cati says:

    I agree! We are having a great summer. Who knew NJ would be this nice?

    BTW, those croquetas were absolutely delicious. I want them every week, please. :) TQM-

  3. Gina says:

    I love that picture of Cati with the croquetas–she looks like a little kid unwrapping her favorite X-mas gift.

    Also, Nina and Nacho could not be any cuter. I’m glad you’re having a great summer, but this post just makes me miss you guys!

    I will be down sometime in August–not sure when though since I unexpectedly have to move–I’ll keep you updated!

  4. Looks like a fun summer so far, and congrats on the anniversary! See you guys in a few short weeks!

  5. Gina says:

    I tried croquetas at a Spanish restaurant while in San Francisco. I can understand why Cati only allowed you a few and why she was so excited. They are truly fried goodness.

  6. Cati says:

    I hear you, Gina. Fried heavenly goodness!

    Every bite of croquetas brings me back home. Whenever my mom made croquetas, I would always make sure that there were some left to eat the next day. Then, the following day I would return home from school and find that my croquetas were gone! My dad always ate them before me! But I didn’t mind that much. I eventually made sure there were enough croquetas left for both of us. :)

  7. alex|dimitri says:


    I catch myself thinking about our upcoming visit often. I am really looking forward to kickin’ it ol’ school with you guys. We must go to Compton’s at some ungodly hour for…wait for it….wait for it….STEWED PRUNES!

  8. Bring on the prunes! I dream of them often (and you, of course, Alex… oh wait, did I just say that aloud?).