Days Are Long; Years Are Short.

Cati was sneaky and conspired with a mutual friend to find out what digital camera I had been researching in preparation to buy.  Then, she bought it for me.  We went out to dinner (for Korean), and she surprised me with it.  I was happy to replace my dying Canon SD870 with a brand spankin’ new Canon s95.  Ah well, at least she’s using her devious powers for good.  In the photo below, I am swearing revenge for this trickery while she celebrates a successful surprise.

Allow me (and my new camera) to show you what a great weekend looks like for us these days.

Friday night, we left the kids with the baby-sitter (man, we love her), and we went out with friends for Indian food.  Good food and conversation abounded.

We returned relatively early from our dinner and took the opportunity to walk off some of the copious curry we had enjoyed before calling it a night.

Saturday morning we followed our typical routine of coffee, Caillou cartoons, and cooing.

As Natalia went down for her 0930 nap, Nina and I rode the bike to the Chatham Borough Farmers’ Market.  We often go.  Nina has pastry-wrapped hotdogs and Italian Ice everytime we go.  It’s funny to think about a two-year-old with a routine, but that’s what she has.  The various merchants are always happy to see her, and they’re all so nice.

Cati walked over, with Natalia, joining us at the Farmers’ Market (which allowed me to actually buy food for the week rather than look after Nina the whole time.)  We returned home and the girls soon thereafter went down for their naps.  I took the lull in activity as my opportunity to stain the deck and mow the lawn.

When the peanuts woke up, we all went for a walk to the park.

The walks are important– we find that active kids sleep better.

After the baths and dinner, we put the little ones to bed, and I started some broth for a big ol’ pot o’ borscht.  I also started dinner.  We watched Iron Man 2 on On-demand.  The first Iron Man movie was fun– sure, it was silly, but it was fun.  The second flick in the series was long, dull, and dumb.

We had Thai lettuce wraps for dinner.  I used a recipe from what is one of my favorite television shows– America’s Test Kitchen.  It’s the yin to the Food Network‘s yang.  I find the Food Network so annoying with its ADHD-paced editing and flashy cooks, whereas America’s Test Kitchen is a cooking show for food-nerds, by food-nerds.   Some of the items in this recipe were as follows: toasted rice powder, chopped pork-loin, shallots, lime juice, fresh cilantro, fresh mint, chili flakes, and of course, fish sauce.  The lettuce wraps were so fresh and crisp– this will become a regular menu item here in the Cati Shack.

Saturday was as good as they come.

Sunday started earlier than usual with crying babies and obligatory diaper changes.  Since I was up, I started the coffee, and since I was in the kitchen, finished cooking the borscht and made a Spanish tortilla.

I know it ‘s good if Nina likes it– she did.

The tortilla was  so good, I almost didn’t have time to photograph it.

During the little-ones’ nap I had a chance to take the bimmer for a spin.  It looks like what an Imperial Stormtrooper would drive, dunnit?.  […and yes, I AM fluent in Nerd].

Now my picture-perfect weekend ends here with me on the couch blogging.  Thanks for reading.

7 Responses to “Days Are Long; Years Are Short.”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Looks like fun. And very familiar. One question…why is Cailou bald??? And the fuzzy edges make me think every scene is a dream sequence.

    Also, love Nina’s bed head. And it’s great to see pics of Natalia – she looks different from Nina – but also very beautiful.

    Take care – say hi to the “girls”

  2. Lydia says:

    Oh, how I wish I were there sharing all this with you, especially with my little ones! I want to squeeze Natalia and just hug the daylights out of Nina!

  3. Gina says:

    It looks like Nina has grown six inches since I was there in May (or was it June)? I need to get down there before both she and Natalia are headed off to college. And because that borscht looked yummy.

  4. alex|dimitri says:

    Caillou is bald because originally the character was much younger, but I guess the author was running out of stories for a one-year old, so s/he made the character older. By this time I suppose Caillou had become recognizable for his bald head, so the author didn’t change it.

    We tell Nina that Caillou contracted a vicious case of head lice and had to be shaved– just like all children who don’t listen to their mom and dad.

    Yep, that’s some good parenting.

  5. Sounds like a really fun weekend, and looks like the new camera is performing well! Shoots HD video, too, eh? Sweet. Just don’t tell Tom about it.

    Miss you guys here in Saratoga!

  6. Mark says:

    Glad you enjoyed a tranquil weekend last time round. This one may not be so peacful with a Brit coming to town to drink all your pints and eat all ‘yer grub!

  7. Mark says:

    Good grub it was too. Could of at least got some English pints in though.

    Gresat to spend some time with the 4 of you!