Viva Nueva York

We enjoy living close to NYC.  One benefit I hadn’t predicted is all the great radio stations.  At my fingertips, I have so many options– from classical masterpieces to blood-curdling death metal– it’s all there.  I also appreciate all the world music, electronica, rap, and talk radio options, too.

Here’s a great little ditty I stumbled upon drving home from work one evening.  I enjoyed it so much, I stayed in the car and listened to it finish.  I had never heard of Streak before, but apparently this song is as old as I am (!).  This song sounds like the New York Dolls and the Rolling Stones (circa 1975) collaborated with the Ramones and recorded in a garage.  Turn your speakers to 11 and tune up the air-guitar to really appreciate this:

We’ve been eating well.  A few weeks back Cati’s childhood friends from Spain (now living in NYC) came over and made us a delicious Spanish rice.  They actually came out to NJ with all the ingredients (and their little one), took over our kitchen, and made the rice.  It was very tasty, but even if it weren’t, who wouldn’t appreciate a gesture like that?

I have also been enjoying a drink I learned of on a trip to Mexico– it’s called a michelada.  The recipe I like comprises fresh juice from 0.5 lime, Negra Modelo, and salted glass.  The lime and salt make you anticipate the next sip every time.   Tasty, but dangerous.

This pic kinda sums things up– babies, cooking, cleaning, reading, and all the while, trying to have a little style.

Nina has taken to playing princess.  She puts a scarf on her head and prances around like a princess.  She often requires Cati to do the same.  She is unaware that she looks more like a gypsy than a princess, but we just go with it.

What start out as walks, for the first 10 meters, quickly become me pulling Nina around on the sled while she drags her hand through the snow.  That is, until her gloves come off and she starts crying “las manos duelen, papá!”– then it’s time to go home.

Here are my girls at a superbowl party.  Nina is going for the tackle while Natalia assumes the koala hold.

We recently headed into NYC.  Our charming hosts scored us some delicious bagels, lox, and whitefish salad.  Oy vey!

Cati and I then walked 30 blocks to our other friends place in the upper East side while the kids slept.  We highly recommend the Valco Baby Ion dual stroller if you have two little ones.

When we arrived at our other friends’ place, we had some cake, whisky, and coffee.  Tough lives, eh?

I had never tried rye whisky before this visit.  It tasted like rye– a flavor I only know from bread; ergo, it tasted like bread– in a good way.  I think I’ll stick to my beloved Bushmills Black Bush and/or Glenmorangie for my whisky needs.  Hope you enjoyed the update.

2 Responses to “Viva Nueva York”

  1. Gina says:

    Um…. that Negro Modelo drink sounds freaking amazing. I love me some Negro Modelo…

    The fam looks great! Miss you guys and hope to visit soon!

  2. Nice update and pics – love the gypsy photo! Dig the music, too.