Qu’ils mangent de la brioche

We went out for dinner in NYC.  We went back to Ocean Grill in Manhattan (we were there back in 2007, remember?)  This time with our charming and lovely friends, who always seem happy to see us and vice-versa.  I don’t know why I drove– we really ought to take the train.

The food and company were a real treat.  After the meal, however, Cati and I waited 45 minutes for the parking garage to bring us our car.  The entire garage had one car-elevator and there was a huge queue of people.  45 long minutes that we, being tired and irritated due to the wait, used to continue a fight debate we had been having for days.  It’s a bit too complicated to detail here, but we’ll tell you, dear readers, all about it over dinner sometime.

Back to food– for sushi– and I mean traditional Japanese sushi– Sharaku of West Bloomfield, MI (yes, Michigan), is second to none.  If you should find yourself within a 50 mile radius– go.  Make a reservation.

Their natto (and consequently their maguro natto) is the best I have had.

Since leaving MI, we obviously have limited access to Sharaku, but we’ve found a nice place in Somerville, NJ that meets our sushi needs– Shumi.    It is good.



Cati and I apparently passed the “love of food” gene on to Natalia.  She eats like a CHAMP and is seldom happier than while doing so.

Actually, she is pretty happy most of the time.

The same goes for Nina, most of the time.  She’s going through a phase that’s tough to take– with the whining, and the being contrary (all the time), and the emotional meltdowns.  Cati and I have a theory that there is a developmental milestone going on with her brain chemistry that is as violent as puberty.  A stage where little ones start dealing with an intensity of emotions previously not known to them.  But it’s just our little theory; it’s likely wrong, but it helps us get through the night (that, and copious amounts of valium; I kid, I kid).  She’s going through life with her eyes wide open and her inquisitiveness often makes us chuckle.

We are all ready for Spring to get here.

For additional cute-points, take a look at the cupcakes the girls’ tia Sarah brought for them.  Note how Cookie Monster is eating a cookie– that is cute.  (Sarah, if you should happen to read this, please plug the bakery that made the cupcakes in the comments section.)

Also, here are some elegant (and tasty) cakes from Jen and Gabe’s baby shower (From The Bread Basket Bakery in Saratoga Springs, NY).

Cati and I had a great time seeing our much missed Upstate NY friends, and in some cases, their growing families.

And lastly, here’s just plain Cake:

Thank you Robert Carpenter (2:15 of the video) for my new/only dance moves from this point-of-my-life forward.  I’m doing that dance right now.

4 Responses to “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”

  1. Gina says:

    Holy Cuteness, Batman! I can’t believe how big both of the girls are getting, but they are soooooooooo freaking cute!

    And Alex, wasn’t that your only dance move even before Robert Carpenter broke it out in the video?

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks for the cupcake shout out. The bakery that makes them is http://www.lmbakery.com/ in Delran, NJ.


  3. alex|dimitri says:


    Nah, my normal dance moves look like Frankenstein stomping out a fire.

  4. Kim says:

    I live in NY state and have to travel to Michigan to get that beautiful sushi? What’s up with that? Seriously, great blog post and what happy/pretty children you have! Their eyes are bright with the excitement that comes from living life with your arms wide open. Keep up the good work!