“It’s so much better on holiday”

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We visited my folks in FL.  Before we became parents, Cati and I did not predict that we would gain so much pleasure by watching our kids have fun.  Natalia and Nina (to a greater extent) regard my parents’ farm as their very own petting zoo and fun park.  Nina practically woke up yelling “Abuelo!” for my father to take her along on the day’s adventure– whether it was feeding the cows, or collecting the eggs, or yelling at the llamas (which is what she did when she saw them– they are apparently big and scary to her).   She liked the pygmy goats.

Although we wanted for nothing on my folks’ farm, we made time to spend a day at Busch Gardens.  Nina and Natalia must have thought they were in paradise.

Nina made a love connection with Abby Cadabby.

The only unpleasant part of the day was when it was time to go.  Nina was exhausted and became quite upset as we attempted to leave– she wanted to see another Elmo show.  Worry not, I think she was conked out 32 seconds after this photo was taken.

We also found a beach near my parents’ farm.  It’s certainly not going to drain tourism away from the Bahamas, but it is ideal for the little ones.  It comprised shallow water, no waves, no big crowds, and it was about 20 minutes from my folks’ place– see?  Ideal.

Everyday, the kids had all the fun their bodies could handle and often crashed into profound naps (which are the parents’ best friend).  When they rest, we all rest.

At my parents’ place, I caught an interesting lizard that had a shock of blue on its neck and belly.  I was probably more interested in it than I would normally be because I am reading Dawkins’s new book The Greatest Show on Earth.  I’m guessing that the blue coloring is a product of sexual selection– any biologists out there that care to comment on what this lizard is called?

We also had a very nice meal at my sister’s place.  She has kids as well, and it was a real treat to see them all having fun together.  I was bascially slinging and throwing kids around like nunchuks– they loved it.

Also, on an unrelated note, my dear friend LT, has embarked on a solo sailing excursion aroud the world.  He left from San Diego, CA on April 17 and will be incommunicado until he reaches the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.  I hope he’s ok; he is an irreplaceable friend to me.  He is a regular captain adventure, this guy; he just finished a 3-month excursion in Antarctica with NOAA.  Read all about it and his upcoming adventures on his blog here.

See what I mean about that Abby Cadabby love connection I mentioned.  Now, she goes everywhere Nina goes.

As for food and cooking– we all enjoyed my Mom’s cooking during the vacation and I only cooked two meals while there.  My parents claim to really like my cooking, but I reckon they’re kinda biased.  Yeah, I’ll make sure to mention that my parents like my cooking on a resume if I am ever in search of a kitchen job– “Voted best cook in the world by my mom”–  they’d have to hire me, right?

2 Responses to ““It’s so much better on holiday””

  1. karen says:

    Too cute… I enjoy following your adventures!

  2. Lydia says:

    I miss you terribly–all of you, especially Nina and Natalia! Nina’s “Donde estas, abuelo? Vien aqui!” was music to your father’s ears. Can’t wait for the next visit.
    Your cooking is fabulous! You can cook for me anytime!