Sunday Girls

Here’s some recommended listening while you read this post.  I challenge you to not like this song– it can’t be done.

For Easter, we hid eggs in the backyard for Nina to find.  She had fun searching for them.  After she discovered they contained chocolate, she was downright determined to find ’em all.

The weekend following Easter we were invited to the 2-year birthday party of our friends’ son– they live in Manhattan near Central Park.  We like parties and we like our friends so we, of course, went.   There were balloons and cake, so our girls were thrilled.

The toddlers partied and trashed the house– then we all went to the park to burn off those lingering sugar-highs.

Our friends, and party hosts, invited us to stay for dinner after the girls went to sleep.  Nina crashed without much effort, but Natalia was still hyper and required that I walk her around the Upper East Side until she conked out. I had to walk about 20 blocks pulling the stroller from the front so she wouldn’t see me and want to play– not fun.

The promise of enjoying a delicious meal while the little ones slept motivated me to soldier on– and oh what a meal it was.  Our friend Jaime cooked arroz negro (or arròs negre in Catalan).

Sure, it may look like something one might use to repair potholes, but trust me on this, it is delicious.  Black rice, made well, tastes rich and briny like a seafood stew.  Add a dallop of freshly made aioli to the plate and there are few things better.

A few weeks after the great meal described above came Cati’s birthday.  I threw a small Thursday-night surprise party with about 12 of her friends (and their little ones).  I arranged for a double surprise.  By the way, that’s the way to do it.  If you arrange for more than one surprise and your significant other happens to figure out there is a surprise brewing, you’ll have a back-up surprise waiting.  So for surprise #1, I left work early and ambushed Cati at what she thought was a routine play-date at a friend/neighbor’s house.  I popped out along with another friend of Cati’s whom she didn’t expect to be there. I informed Cati that I would watch the girls and that she and her friends were free to go get manicures/pedicures on me.  That was just the set-up.  After their salon trip, Cati and her friends returned to our house to find it full of friends, pizza, cake, and babies.  Much fun was had by all.  It was nice to use my diabolical knack for deception for a good cause.

Things were so busy that I took few photos during the party. Cati had a nice time and was pleased she finally got to get her nails done.  Here she is happily modeling her fancy new manicure.  She flaunted it for as long as she could, but alas the call of gardening in the backyard was too strong– the manicure didn’t survive.  Judging from her expression, Natalia was pleased about something too– but that’s not uncommon.

And lastly, here’s a shot of our peanuts (and guest peanut from upstate NY) playing in a jungle gym and having a ball at it too. I like this photo.


8 Responses to “Sunday Girls”

  1. Gina says:

    Great photos! Glad Cati had a nice birthday too! I miss you guys and hope to see you soon. I really just can’t wait to eat up those kids. A little warning though, because of her cuteness, I may actually eat Natalia when I see her, so it might be best to not leave her alone with me. ;)

  2. alex|dimitri says:

    Gina, come visit. You know where to find us.

  3. Gina says:

    I do and I will. Maybe even the weekend after next.

  4. Andrew says:

    LOVE the pix you guys! Hope to run into you both again at the next Anderson event!

  5. t-heff says:

    Three things: 1. Interesting to hear a Blondie song, other than the usual four or five that have been played repeatedly for the past 30+ years; 2. Diabolical deceivers will be deceived; 3. Is Natalia strangling someone in that last photo? ;-)

  6. t-heff says:

    One more thing…. the sideways wink emoticon (colon, followed by a dash and then a closing parenthesis) takes on an entirely different meaning when the lifeless symbols are unwillingly transformed into a cutesy yellow winking cartoon smiley face with rosy cheeks. : – )

  7. karen says:

    … and great fun was had by all, and I mean ALL!! Loved it! Thanks for sharing. [Also, I tried to not to ‘like’ the song, but I liked the song!]

  8. alex|dimitri says:

    Gina- We can set things up off-line.

    Andrew- Sounds great, when’s their next baby shower already? Jeez.

    t-heff- 1. Yeah, Blondie has some great b-side gems. Isn’t “Dreaming” a great song too? (, and how about “The Tide is High” or “Denis” all solid but not among their hits. 2. Sounds prophetic– there are a bunch of poor saps looking for a new doomsday forecaster. Might be a great fit for you. 3. Natalia was acting in self-defense.

    karen- I flew back from Frankfurt on Sunday– where were you? I searched the airport but you were nowhere to be found. I hope all is well with you and yours. (<--oops, I got my Karens confused. Karen G, I hope all is well with YOU and YOURS all the same).