Cati and I enjoy pizza (yeah, I know, who doesn’t?).  A few months ago we found ourselves ordering pizza from our favorite pizzeria a little too often (about once a week for a while there).  Our favorite pizzeria is SoHo pizza on Lark St.  It’s fantastic; thin crust, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and never greasy.  There are plenty of lousy places around Albany, so we know what we are talking about.  We no longer order pizza if we are staying in.  We still go to SoHo when we are out on Lark, we just no longer order out for it.  We aren’t exactly watching our carbs, but cutting down on white flour is probably a good idea; especially since it works its way into our diets anyway.  Just like it’s probably a good idea to avoid trans-fat, like margarine.  Anyway, what we do now (about once a week) is make our own little pizzas at home.  We buy whole wheat pocketless pitas and dress ’em up with pizza and/or pesto sauce, and a littany of toppings like: anchovies, sausage, cheese, brocolli, capers, more cheese, etc.  Then we bake the pizzas @ 350F (correction: 425F works better) for 10-12 min, remove, let cool for 2 min, cut and devour.  Here are some photos from our most recent foray into the mini-pizza realm:




whole wheat goodness

3 Responses to “Pizza-ettes”

  1. alex|dimitri says:

    Also, I should mention, those aren’t slices of American cheese. That is chipotle sharp cheddar. We really like chipotle, and this cheese was perfect for our little pizzas.

  2. ChriStine says:

    Glad you mentioned that… I was honestly offended thinking you were using American cheese.

  3. ChriStine says:

    These look fantastic and I will be trying them tonight! Keep these delicious ideas coming! I love it!