It’s Getting Better All The Time?

Ever feel like things around us just get worse as time marches on?  Here’s a news article from the BBC that actually might brighten your North American day (or at least half hour);  it did mine.  (Afterall, this blog serves no purpose other than to cheer up its readers.)

US crime figures: Why the drop?

Let’s see now, what else has gotten better around here?  Ah, I know…

I would like to thank Sony for advancing the Walkman and Apple for the iPod.  I had a walkman as a kid, but I don’t own an iPod (or anything like it).  So why then would I be thankful, you ask?  Becasue the boom-box is extinct.  I cannot stand listening to other people’s music when I don’t want to.  These portable personal music players have turned people into quiet little music listeners who don’t bother anybody.  Oh, and earbuds make it unlikely that you’ll even hear their headphones– even better!

So, I dunno, go nuts.

Photo above is of Nina (center), her BFF (left) and her canine BFF (right). 

So bust out those earbuds and enjoy this little ditty:

One Response to “It’s Getting Better All The Time?”

  1. Lydia says:

    To have that kind of fun!!!! Priceless!