Wuthering Heights

We enjoyed some really nice weather during our vacation in Mallorca in early August.

The pomadas went down easy, like they always do.

The girls had a ball. Due to the fact that they were in the sea and the pool everyday, I don’t think we gave them a proper bath for about two weeks. Eventually, when all of us had hair like hay, we figured we ought to shampoo and condition.

We had a fun time at our friends’ place too in Alaró.  They live on a small farm and they are able to fill a pool with the irrigation water from a private well of which they are members (too weird to explain). Anyway, they have a really cool swimming pool in the middle of a farm, surrounded by mountains, as a result.  It was cool and we all had much fun frolicking at the pool and throwing the kids around.

Also, we had plenty of food.  Here are two great classics– paella and arroz negro. “Two great tastes that go great together.”

The black rice gets its color from cuttlefish ink, and cuttlefish are cephalopods.  AND speaking of cepalopods, that reminds me of something cool we all saw while going for a stroll along the water one evening in Alcudia (how’s that for a segue? Yeah, I’m ashamed.).  So, we were strolling along and I noticed there were several medium sized crabs clinging to a rock.  The only thing that made it unusual is that they seemed to be hiding from something.  So I looked down into the water near the rock and there was an octopus feeling its way around looking for crabs.  Its head was about the size of a softball and maybe about 16 inches from tentacle tip to tentacle tip. Nina and I called the others over to see the octopus.  While we are all watching the sinister way it cruised along the shallow water and rocks, a large crab, about the size of Cati’s hand, crawled out of the water and on to my foot.  We all had a good chuckle about this crab’s strange behavior.  I tossed it into the water and the octopus darted right over to it and enveloped it.  Then the octopus walked (or whatever you would call that) out of the water and over a rock, with the crab in tow.  We were all a little speechless. We were watching our own live Nature program.  It was pretty impressive.

We had a great vacation.

Fast forward a few weeks to Northern NJ and Hurricane Irene.  Due to all the trees in close proximity to our house, we, and the girls, slept in the basement. Nina really enjoyed “camping” down there; Cati and I would have preferred our bed.

Here’s the view straight up from our deck.  See what I mean about the trees?

There are no less than seven trees that are in perfect smashing range of our house.  Nothing happened– to our house, but take a look at what went down three houses away. [pun intended] It missed their house by feet; power was out for half of the block for days.  Not us though, whew!

And for no reason at all, here are three unrelated things:

1) A nice picture of Nacho.

2) A dish that reminded us of a traffic light after I plated it.

3) A song you should not listen to if you’re allergic to melancholy.*

*This may only affect people who were teenagers in 1985.

2 Responses to “Wuthering Heights”

  1. lia says:

    Oh! I miss Mallorca, I miss my friends, the beach (calitas), the sunset, the mountains, the Mediterranean, having vacations… I miss Mallorca! you lucky guys!

  2. Gina says:

    Other than the fact that Nacho wasn’t with you, I don’t know how you could have stood to leave. Pictures are beautiful!