Makes you wanna feel/try.

We took advantage of the Indian summer we have had lately and spent the weekend visiting friends in Boston.  What a great town.  We left on Friday night near the girls’ bedtime so they would sleep most of the 4-hour drive.  It worked.  We arrived and tucked them into bed at our friends’ place– and then we adults all enjoyed a glass of wine and chatted until around 2 AM.  The next day started earlier than we would have liked, but it started all the same.  We hit the downtown and had a great time site seeing and snacking from street cars.  It was, well, picturesque.

We took the girls to a children’s museum so they could burn some energy.  They had a screaming, running, good time.  Remember, we like our kids nice and tired.

At the museum there was a little green-screen set-up where kids could walk onto their favorite cartoons.  Our girls saw themslves on TV and started dancing around like they were on “Soul Train.”

That was fun, but the high point of the day was when they played in the fountain downtown and got soaked.  Check out the video below:

After that full day, we were able to leave the girls with the baby-sitter (we brought her with us for the weekend from NJ) and we went out to a great steak place with our friends.  It was not cheap, but it was very nice.  I selected the wine for the table, and it was kind of a let down.  It was a 2008 tempranillo from Ribiera del Duero called Tinto Pesquera. It wasn’t that good and I felt like a loser for picking a dud [hey, it happens].  We had a great time all the same.  As the night progressed Cati and I were reminded by the steak and booze that we had only slept 5 hours.  We went “home.”

I remember thinking on the car ride back to our friend’s home how much fun I was having.  Reminiscing is easy, but it’s a rare thing to stop and reflect on the present.  There I was, with my #1 girl, genuinely enjoying a night out with her and my friends.  My babies were “home” sleeping soundly with the sitter and I just felt great. I jokingly thought to myself, “I could die and I woudn’t mind.” Ha.

Before leaving MA on Sunday morning, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast with our friends and we stopped for ice cream at what has been regarded “The best Ice Cream Stand in MA (2010).”  It’s called Kimball Farm. We all enjoyed that too.

Then on the way back to NJ, we broke up the 4-hour drive by stopping in New Haven, CT.  We had lunch on the Yale campus while the girls ran around like they do.

We had a positive impression of Boston. We hope to visit again.

Here’s Boston’s own The Pixies noisily covering The Jesus and Mary Chain who apparently have also felt they could die and not mind.  Enjoy, friends:

Oh, and if I had unlimited access to a time machine, I think I would go back in time to Dallas to sing along with the crowd for this song:

Of course I would only do that AFTER I used the time machine to allow future me to bring myself a sports almanac from the future…and I found and killed John Connor, of course.    We’ll be back.

6 Responses to “Makes you wanna feel/try.”

  1. Lydia says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Boston especially during the winter. I’m told that they have chestnut stands and that would definitely remind me of my childhood. Beautiful pictures of the city but my girls still steal the show.

  2. Samantha White says:

    Love the new update! I was in Boston with Ben in August and we took a ferry ride to Spectacle Island. That was really good fun! You should check it out the next time you’re there. I think the girls would LOVE running around there. :)

  3. karen says:

    Looks like fun was had by all… good to see Marco and Lucyanne in the pics as well!! We miss all of you! [ehhh, good wine’s not all it’s cracked up to be; maybe it was just your taste buds and everyone thought it was delicious~we can all dream!] Saludos a todos!! Besitsos… karen

  4. alex|dimitri says:

    Thanks for all the comments. We had a really nice time.

  5. Elisa says:

    Jaaajaja!! el vídeo es buenísimo, no veas lo que nos hemos reído Edu y yo con él, y tiene un final apoteósico!! Las niñas están preciosas y divertidísimas, como siempre… Ya tenemos ganas de volveros a ver familia!! Muas!

  6. Gina says:

    I do enjoy visiting Boston–but I don’t have any desire to live there again. Other than access to Newbury Comics (where I often spent too much money) and Bertucci’s rolls (a delicious bread product I’m better off avoiding), there’s not a lot I miss about living there. However, on a beautiful weekend like you guys had, it could tempt me to consider returning… that is until I had to drive to work on Monday.