Norway or the Highway

The Scandinavian seige continues.  I brought back some goodies from my trip to Norway.  The always enjoyable Jen and Gabe came over, along with their lovely and charming friends Kat and Lara for a little dinner the other night.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were here visiting too.  We served our soon-to-be-world-famous pizza-ettes and I put out some hummus and broccoli.  I brought back a bottle of Norwegian Linie Aquavit from the duty free shop in Denmark.  It’s a “white distilled potato spirit flavored with caraway and herbs.”  I was expecting it to taste like jet fuel, but it was actually quite nice (in small sips).  J&G brought a bottle of Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc too. 

gut our bottle

Then, Cati downed the whole bottle in three gulps and flew into a violent rage, like a Berserker.   Ya shoulda seen it!

lovely gals

more lovelies

Gabe, all high licorice

Then we busted out some Norwegin licorice called Turkish Pepper.  This stuff is hard candy black licorice with an ammonium chloride center.  It tastes shockingly bitter and salty at the same time.  When I first tried the stuff about 8 years ago, I had to spit it out.  But now, I kinda like it.  It’s a pretty hardcore flavor for those of us who grew up on super-sweet American candy.  Here are some of the faces that were made when eating the Norwegian candy:


“Norwegian kids eat this crap?”

I redeemed myself for subjecting my poor guests to the licorice, by busting out some Kinder Surprise eggs. 

Also, I brought back some salt cured leg-of-lamb and smoked reindeer sausage.  The lamb looks like jamon serrano, but doesn’t taste like it.  You can definitely taste the stronger lamb flavor.  Luckily for us, Nacho doesn’t mind at all.  The reindeer sausage is smokey and salty with not too much “whang” from the normally gamey reindeer.  We probably won’t be adding either to our daily diets. 

Norwegian meats

Looks good, eh?

Here is the spekekjott in the deli case in Bergen:

she’s got legs…

Big fun was had by all.

3 Responses to “Norway or the Highway”

  1. It was a fun evening indeed! Thanks again for hosting us and for the delish pizza-ettes. Those Berserker photos of Cati are great – and hey, I can attest, too. I was there, after all.

    I think a more appropriate name for that licorice stuff is “ass candy” – at least that’s what we called it back in ’99 when we had a Swedish housemate who sweared by the stuff.

  2. jen a. says:

    what a great dinner party – you guys are the best. thank you for putting together such a beautiful meal, as always – and for sharing all of the fun norwegian goodies… even the supposed “candy” that tasted more like toilet cleanser *shudder*. love the kinder eggs!!!

  3. …speaking of the Kinder Eggs: One makes an appearance in Ali G Indahouse, which we just watched last night!