From Snooki to Schnitzel

Cati and I are packing up the girls and moving to Germany for a about three years or so.  We’re excited about the new country, culture, and language, but we’re also a bit ambivalent about it.   We’ll be leaving our much appreciated friends and community here in New Jersey, but we have every intention to return.

The new language is daunting to us both, but we are starting lessons next week in hopes of getting up to speed.  The worst part (for me) about learning a new language, is the always-being-wrong part. It’s exhausting and frustrating.  I’m barely fluent with Spanish, so naturally, I still get things wrong and struggle for vocabulary ALL THE TIME; literally, every day.  Just today I learned the Spanish word for rocking chair [it’s mecedora].  It’s frustrating to me that I am approaching 40-years-old and have the Spanish vocab of a slow Spanish kindergardner– yeah, it’s humbling alright.  And lucky for us, Cati and I get to start all that again with a new language– German.

Last week we went on a house-hunting trip to Deutschland.  We found a nice place.  Here are some photos of the trip.


Also, here’s our new favorite song around the house:



4 Responses to “From Snooki to Schnitzel”

  1. Gina says:

    It looks lovely, but Ich mag das nicht. Granted, it’ll be a new place to visit you guys, but I’m guessing the whole family is less likely to make it back to the northeastern part of the States for a while once you go.

    I’m sure it will not take either of you too much effort to pick up the language–you’re both such wicked smarties. But one thing I don’t get, you don’t like being wrong? You? Noooooo. Not the Alex I know. ;)

    P.S. I have no idea what that German phrase says.

  2. karen says:

    So how far will you be from us in Heerenveen?!! I’m SO excited that you’re going to be over there when we are! And I get the whole knowing-Spanish-somewhat-now-learn-Dutch… and confusing it with the little bit of German that I know! Baaah! But we will prevail!! When do you leave? I’ll be there right after Christmas however leaving this Friday to visit my guy who’s already started. Tenemos mucho espacio para que nos visiten, sale?? Claro que sí!! Ciao, nos veremos al otro lado del mar!!!

  3. alex|dimitri says:


    We’re not THAT smart. It’s gonna be rough.


    Looking forward to seeing you in H’veen (or Speyer) already. I don’t think good pozole is easy to come by over there.


  4. LT says:

    That’s a haircut you can set your watch to. Best of luck with deutsch and deutschland. I hope to be in the Atlantic early 2013. Party in Mallorca?