Twilights, streetlights, lowlights and highlights.

I haven’t disappeared.  Cati and I have concluded our summer travels.  The few vacation days I have left this year are reserved for Xmas.  Cati spent several weeks with her family in Mallorca, Spain.  I joined her for a week, and we flew back together.  Below are some photo highlights of the trip.  Mouse over for descriptions.

Twilight shots from the site of our friends’ wedding reception:

amazing view, eh?

This place made our reception venue look like a dump!

artsy, eh?

The reception was at Son Marroig in Deiá

We had a great time at the wedding.  The bride and groom looked great (and a bit familiar, no?). 

“Point this way if you look like Paul and Linda McCartney!”

Here’s a nice little streetlight shot of the cool little Volvo C30 I was driving while there:

It’s oh so quiet, shhhhhh

It was the zippiest deisel I have ever driven.  I was impressed with the pick up on that little thing. 

I guess the lowlight of the vacation was the travelling.  Sitting on your rear end for 8 hours can be exhausting:

Leaving on a jet plane.


The view from the backyard in Alcudia

The veiw near Caló Des Moro

Caló Des Moro

How lucky am I to have a wife from this beautiful island?  And how lucky she is to have a husband who moved her to scenic Albany.  I’d call it a fair trade, no? 

No blog entry of mine would be complete without the food highlights either:


langostine and his unclean-food friends; ham and other shellfish.

make no missteak; I like

Dates wrapped in bacon.  About as healthful as a cigarette; sinfully good.

Arroz from Cati’s grandmother.  No one does it better.

Coca de berenjenas.  delish!

delicious, salty, baby potatoes and ice cold gazpacho. mmmm

Ensaimada mallorquina.  Chock full of good.

Read more about ensaimada here.  Note: the origin of the word is related to “pork lard.”  This stuff is about as healthful as a deep fried twinkie

Chocolate, coffee, and quelitas.  Photo likely taken just before a siesta.

Jamón and lomo.


I wonder if Planters is worried about a potential paternity suit against their philandering mascot

Mr. Peanut’s illegitimate son: Mr. Toothpick (scandalous!)

We crammed in so much fun and so many delicious meals (pun intended?).  It was a great trip, but I am glad to be back home.  Nothing like a vacation to recharge one’s batteries and renew one’s focus.   

2 Responses to “Twilights, streetlights, lowlights and highlights.”

  1. Lydia says:

    Beautiful pictures! Scenery as well as the food. It amazes me how Spaniards stay so thin. They eat all the time. Cati, I want to know your secret. Deia was one of my favorite places in Mallorca. Surely wouldn’t mind going back. Teresa’s backyard view is definitely a tie. Love that place, too. Such joyful memories. Thanks for sharing. Glad you two are back.

  2. Amazing photos! I miss Mallorca! I want to hit that beautiful beach with the clear water next time we go. :)