Have Love, Will Travel

…kinda like these guys.  (<– The Black Keys are Ohio boys; from Akron, like DEVO.)

Cati and I did a little traveling a few weeks back.  We went to Cleveland, OH for a family function.  Here are some highlight photos of our visit to Cuyahoga County:

shot in Cleveland

More Cleveland

RnR Hall of Lame, and Lake Erie.

One of the more impressive locales was this place:

A rose by any other name…

I found out about the restaurant pictured above while ego surfing a few years back, but after I heard they were featured on “Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations,” I had to go.  Check out a clip from Bourdain’s show below:


Bourdain even went with Cleveland-resident Harvey Pekar; semi-famous author of American Splendor (here’s his infamous appearance on Letterman back in the 80s).  Is it just me, or could the sardonic Bourdain (or rather his TV persona) use a good chef-style sissy-slap?

Cati and I went there with my older sister Ruth and we had a great time and enjoyed the food.  I had the perogies and bratwurst, and they were fantastic.  The cuisine is best described as comfort food for slavic folk.  It reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking and holiday meals passed.  They certainly don’t skimp on the portions either.  I cleaned my plate and then waddled around Cleveland wishing I hadn’t eaten so much.  I’d do it again, though.  See some photos of the place below:

Worth the wait

Cati and Ruth…chillin’

Damn good eats

The next day, we had some time to kill (thanks to our missed flight, oops), so we checked out The Simpsons Movie (meh, it was ok).  Also, we went to a restaurant called “Mallorca” for lunch.

Look, Mallorca!

We probably should have known better than to expect authentic Spanish/Mallorcan cuisine in the Midwest.  The food failed miserably to meet our expectations.  It wasn’t really “bad,” per se, just not even close to authentic; really, nowhere near.  Hypothetically speaking, if you were to order chicken cordon bleu, and were given a chicken soft-taco, does that make it “bad chicken cordon bleu?”  I guess so, right?  I dunno.  Anyway, we can’t recommend the place.  (Cati is far less ambiguous in her disdain for the place). 

While in OH, my sister mentioned to Cati and me that she and her husband have been looking for a small dog.  Cati and I found this little rascal at the Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society:


How could we resist?

Too cute.

We sent her some pictures and she was hooked (cómo no, eh?).  We adopted the little guy the next day and delivered him to his new home in NYC. 

Incidentally, Cati and I adopted our little dog Nacho from the very same shelter about a year ago.  It boggles my mind that people continue to go to breeders for dogs when there are so many perfectly good animals being destroyed at shelters.  If you want a dog, please check, and keep checking, your local humane society.   

They have cats there too, but who cares about cats*?   

*Kidding, I’m just kidding.  The oldebate continues…

3 Responses to “Have Love, Will Travel”

  1. Lydia says:

    What a fine entry! Really enjoyed all of the contents. Your restaurant reviews, the sight seeing pictures and of course the Finn (your sister’s new dog) pictures. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It invariably puts a smile on my face.

  2. Wow! Who knew Cleveland was such a hotbed of culture?! $0k0|0w$ki$, Mallorca, AND the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame!

    Who needs the real Mallorca when we have Cleveland! Viva los Cleveland! :)

    And great work rescuing the pup! Well said about why anyone would go to a breeder. Sadly, though, people still do and get stuck on the idea that they must have a certain breed.

  3. renee says:

    what a cute little buddy! i bet he jumps really high!

    didn’t you guys fall asleep during the simpsons movie? not sure if it deserves a meh review.

    that food isn’t terribly photogenic, but i bet it was awesome. i do love the lens flare on the second scenic photo. nice job!