You dropped a BOMB on me.

I went to a “BOMB” party.  BOMB stands for Boys Only Meat Bash.  A friend of mine wanted to host a party, but he also wanted as little forethought and preparation as possible.  He felt that having his wife (and all the other wives) there would require things like plates, napkins, tables, vegetables, utensils, wine, manners, etc.  We menfolk view all of these things as luxuries/hassles.  So he fired up the grill and the smoker, got a keg of ale (he’s British), and scattered a few chairs around the backyard.  Each attendee was to bring, and cook, meat.   I kicked it up a notch; borrowed another friend’s deep-fryer, and deep fried a turkey.  I also broke the no-vegetable rule and brought some yams to be fried french-fry style.  Some of the culinary highlights of the afternoon were:

  • Pork chops with smoked apple-and-bacon apple sauce
  • Lamb with a fresh made mint and garlic salsa
  • Smoked duck 
  • Deep fried turkey injected with a habanero barbeque marinade (hey, a little self promotion never killed anyone).
  • Marinated grilled chicken with a creamy cashew curry sauce.

The list of great food goes on and on…

I had fun and so did a friend I brought with me.  He was visiting from Argentina, and people from Argentina know how to grill.  Asado is part of their culture.  We also had a $2 buy-in pool tournament.  I was hoping that Argentina would face England in the tournament final, and that there would be a controversial hand-ball that would become a tale for the ages; that didn’t happen though. 

All that meat probably shaved a year or two off my life (y’know, good ol’ CHD), but I have no regrets; I’d do it all again.  Afterward, el Argentino and I headed over to Red Square in downtown Albany so I could show him some Albany nightlife.  I griped about having to pay a $10 cover just to have a beer, but then I wound up liking the band that was playing.  They were called Lotus, and I liked what I heard. 

See some photo highlights below (mouse over for brief description):

The bird

The map

The designated driver

The drive

The laughing Argentino

The grill

The smoker

The deep-fryer

The boyz

The pool table

The band 1

The band 2

Who’s hosting the next one?  I’ll bring the Ezetimibe

4 Responses to “You dropped a BOMB on me.”

  1. renee says:

    great photos! looks like a fun time! i no longer feel bad about you missing the oktoberfest tasting. i tried some fake meat over the weekend and it wasn’t terrible.

  2. jess says:

    found your blog via steve barnes’ table-hopping.
    random coincidence- the BOMB party was thrown by my stepfather. my mother works with cati.

  3. alex|dimitri says:

    Small world, eh Jess? I’m glad you found us.

    Your folks are quality people. I hope to post about future BOMB parties. Hopefullly I’ll be invited back.

    I got lost on the way there, so naturally I blamed the map (it was correct). Then I lost the lid to the deep-fryer (in my own @#!$ car), and insisted your parents search for it. I wouldn’t invite me back if I were them. Seriously, the turkey was good, but not THAT good.

  4. jess says:

    My mother said she looked for that damn lid for a week too!