Our friends Olivier and Estelle had a group of us over for a raclette party on Friday.  What is raclette, you say?  Well, before I was invited to go, I had no idea either.  If I had to describe it, I would say it’s a lot like fondue; a fun and mildly laborious way to eat melted cheese.  Olivier spent a lot of time in the Alps when he was growing up, and he was really excited about introducing this dish to a new audience.  Wikipedia has a pretty informative article on the topic.  Here are some excerpts:

“The Raclette cheese round is heated, either in front of a fire or by a special machine, then scraped onto diners’ plates; the term raclette derives from the French racler, meaning “to scrape”. Traditionally, it is accompanied by small firm potatoes (Bintje, Charlotte or Raclette varieties), gherkins, pickled onions, dried meats (such as prosciutto and viande des Grisons), sliced peppers, tomato, onion, mushrooms, watermelon rinds, pears, paprika and fresh black pepper.”

We had the kind with the special little machine.  It was definitely a very hearty meal, and I can see how it would be “just right” after many hours of exhausting skiing or snowshoeing as it is very heavy.  I think I had about four slices of the melted cheese with potatoes, pickles, roasted mushrooms, and onions.  I had to waddle to the car.  It was a great time, and I have some photos below of the contraption we used to melt our cheese and roast our veggies.  So it was a great little party, and I learned a new dish. 

say cheese

We would melt the slices of cheese in a little pan and then pour/scrape the freshly melted cheese onto our plates of vegetables.  It was very good, especially if you like cheese as much as we do. 

one of four

Here are more photos from some Australian (??) site (that little pan with cheese shaped like Australia and Tasmania in the top left corner is pretty clever, eh?)

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  1. alex|dimitri says:

    Glad you like it, Ma…er, Lydia.

  2. Lydia says:


    I have to say, I really enjoy reading your recipes and finding out about your food experiences. You surely know how to enjoy good food. Keep it coming.