Let Them Eat (Pan)Cake

I have gone on about breakfast venues here before; excuse the redundancy, but what kind of local food-blog would this be if I didn’t mention one of our fine city’s most-noteworthy breakfast treats.  Don’t get me wrong, MAD still has my heart stomach, and The Whistling Kettle is byoo-TEA-ful [rimshot], but the Red Raspberry Oatmeal Pancakes at Cafe Madison (formerly Madison’s End Cafe) deserve a special mention.  They are described on the menu as, “lightly spiced oatmeal buttermilk pancakes filled with red raspberries.”  These are the champagne of breakfast food; champagne, I tell you.  When eggs won’t cut it, oatmeal is too lackluster, and normal pancakes are too spongy, go try these. They are hearty and delicious and every ingredient is included in the right proportion; no one overpowering the other.  Apparently I am not the first to take note of this dish because, on our last visit there, I commented to the waiter on how good the pancakes are, and he said, “Yep, they’re our bread and butter.”  So, go have some and enjoy (be prepared to wait for a table). 

Another great feature of Cafe Madison is the full bar.  Ladies, if it’s one of those rare Saturdays/Sundays where you don’t have anything to do all day, (except maybe shop) you can have a mimosa (or four) to start the day off right.  Cati recently noticed that they also serve bellinis (one of her favorite drinks), but she hasn’t tried one there, so she can’t endorse it (hey, she won’t just drink any bellini).  

Playing with the new camera’s settings.  Less EV compensation, eh?

Fine breakfast food.

Just for reference, Cati and I were in Amsterdam (NL; not NY) a few weeks back, and here’s what breakfast looks like there:

Wooden shoes sold separately

Salmon, herring, and mackerel (I think) along with spongy little baby pancakes and plump little sausages.  Yeah, uh, star and stripes forever, eh?

Everyone’s a critic these days.

Years back, there was an episode of Seinfeld where George wanted to combine his three passions; sex, eating, and watching TV.  Well, I ran a race this weekend that came close to doing that for me.  It was the beer and chili run in Newport, NY.  Running, food, and beer; together at last [wink].  I heard they even had bloody marys near the halfway mark of the 5k, for those who ran it.  I ran the 10K; it was grueling.  It was ~15F (with the windchill), wet, windy, slushy, and the hills; the hills were brutal.  I forgot my camera (pathetic, I know), but what a great time it was.  We registered at Newport’s Masonic Temple, and convened there after the race for chili and beer.  I would describe the temple but I took an oath of secrecy (I kid, it was nothing special.  It looked like a small town hall…or did it?).  After the race, in from the cold, and in dry clothes, I felt great.  The warm chili was right on time.  The endorphins that were leisurely swimming about my brain were soon accompanied by some alcohol, and the relaxation I felt was profound.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  I’m pretty achy today, though.  But hey, all this training is for a good cause, right?   

2 Responses to “Let Them Eat (Pan)Cake”

  1. k says:

    I adore these pancakes as well as Cafe Madison. Your blog is great; I enjoy reading it.

  2. Mmm… those pancakes look delish! I think I’m in need not only of another visit to MAD, but now to Cafe Madison.

    You joined a cult at that Beer ‘n Chili run, didn’t you? That’s the real reason you didn’t want to do the Polar Cap with me, isn’t it?