Mamma Mia!

Any schmuck can tell you that dinner at 677 Prime will rock your palatal world.  That’s as obvious as “water is wet,” “kids like candy,” or “bacon is delicious.”  You certainly don’t need to come to this website to find that out.  So what about something a little less conspicuous?  Cati and I had the good fortune of being taken to a nice little pizzeria that we never would have found without a recommendation from our Saratogian friends.  Our brother-from-another-mother and sister-from-another-mister, Gabe and Jen (respectively), took us to this little gem one night out several weeks ago.  Cati and I have been back with more friends since.  It’s called Mama Mia’s (menu) and it’s in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Why would we never have gone on our own, you ask?  For starters, it’s in Saratoga.  Secondly, it’s in a strip mall.  And lastly, it’s seems like a run-of-the-mill red-sauce Italian place.  In our experiences, any one of those attributes alone can make for a middling dining experience (much less all three together); but hey, we were pleased to have been so wrong.  Should you go, you have to try the Mama Giovanna’s eggplant parmigiana pizza; it’s incredible.  I can’t speak for the rest of the menu as that’s all we have ever ordered when we have gone. 

How good is it?  It’s so good it’s illegal in the Bible-belt because Baptists are concerned it could lead to dancing.  It’s so good it’ll make you call your own mama and angrily accuse her of neglect because she never cooked it for you.  It’s so good it’ll make you want to write a blog post full of goofy and tiresome “How good is it?” responses extolling its virtues. 

On our last Friday night visit, the owner was charming and friendly as he greeted us with a thick Italian accent and suggested a round of Birra Moretti while we waited for a table.  The service was solid and the ambience cozy.  If you have a tendency to be as snobby discerning as we are at times, surprise yourself and give this place a try.  

If you’re in Albany, just hop on 9 North and listen to this song on the trip (turn up the volume; louder):

Fitting, eh?

Peep some photos below: 

We arrive, and wait for a table.

A slice of pizza’s last sight.

Where the magic happens.

The people are pleased!

Oh man, it’s good.

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Nacho needs you!

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5 Responses to “Mamma Mia!”

  1. Lydia says:

    NOOOOOOOOO! Not my grandog! He’s just too cute. You’ll have to find another way to raise money.

  2. Mama Mia’s is pretty incredible. Of course, Hugh and Jami get full credit for introducing us to it! I can’t vouch for anything but the eggplant pizza, either… well, the Caesar salad is pretty damn good, too!

  3. Ellen M says:

    Great minds think alike and eat alike!

    Check out my blog and you’ll see why.
    I’ve only been there twice and ordered the same thing, too.
    It’s simply the best.

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