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We recently went to The Greek Festival at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church.  We went on a pleasant Saturday afternoon for some fun on a nice day and, of course, Greek treats.  I decided against wearing my Macedonia T-shirt, y’know, for the sake of international harmony.  [wink

I’m not sure Cati and I would go to The Greek Festival (or The Grecian Festival, as it’s technically called [shrug]) if we didn’t live within walking distance of St. Sophia.  The food is just okay, the music is played very loudly, and the event seems to be increasingly geared toward kids (e.g. carnival rides, “Spartan warriors,”).  But it does make for a festive afternoon, and judging from the crowds, it’s a formula that works. 

I think we regard the food at the Albany Greek Festival as only “okay” because we have a benchmark by which to judge it-  the Troy Greek Festival at St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church  (June 6-8, this year).  At the Albany Greek Festival, the food seems catered by Greek-food vendors and at St. Basil, it’s obviously all homemade- and the difference shows.  The Troy Greek Festival isn’t nearly the size of the Albany festival, but this adds to its quaint charm.  Go to both; see for yourself.  Plus, you can get a bottle of Mythos at the Troy Greek Festival where you can only get Budweiser or Michelob Ultra [blecch] at the Albany Festival.  See?  It’s the little things. 

On this year’s visit Cati and I split a large Greek salad, a piece of spanakopita, a greek appetizer plate, and a mutton gyro.  The salad and gyro were great; everything else, meh.  We also bought a full box of Greek pastries to bring to a party we were going to that evening, y’know, to ensure we get invited back.  ;)  See some pics below:

On our way there.

Signing up to win a cruise.  Corfu for you?


Sampler plate; we didn’t really care for anything on it.  The dolmas were dry.  We should have gone with the hummus.

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.  We took the other gyro home.

The salad was great!

On the subject of Greece, here are a few pictures from the full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN.  I went to Nashville to run in The Country Music Half-Marathon (04/26/2008) with some friends but I was keen on checking out this interesting anachronism.  I finished the 0.5-marathon in 1:35:36 (hr:min:sec). 

What’s old is new.

Good-lookin’ group of people, no?

Pretty big, eh?

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