“Stay Classy, San Diego.”

I was in sunny San Diego, California to run in the 2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.  Big thanks to all of you who helped me raise the requisite funds and for the kind words of encouragement along the way.  You know who you are; you should feel proud, and I am very grateful.  The upstate NY/VT chapter of TnT raised over $50,000 for blood cancer research and improving the lives of blood cancer patients.  I finished the marathon in 3:38:51.  It was challenging.

While in San Diego, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and varied dining options.  I specifically asked my friends, who live there, to take me to places that had food I can’t get in Albany.  We went to dinner at a place in Ocean Beach called South Beach Bar & Grille for some delicious fish tacos.  They were great.

 Delicious fish tacos.

In Ocean Beach as the sun sets outside.

The setting sun just outside the restaurant.  My friends and I went for a walk along the peer after dinner.

The next day we went sailing.  This probably wasn’t a good idea as all that sun gave me a little sunburn and probably contributed to my dehydration during the marathon.  But ah well, it was fun. 

 Searching for that cursed white whale.

I see sea dogs.  The seals were swimming alongside the sailboat for some of our excursion.

For lunch, we went to Taste of Thai and I had the beef panang curry.  I have not been able to find a decent panang curry in the Capital District.  I’ve encountered some bad ones though.  I’ve read of a new Thai place in town on Celina Bean’s blog; I’ll have to check it out. 

Very good.  Probably not wise on the day before the marathon, but it was good.

The veggies were crisp and tastey.

After the marathon, LT and I went out for some seafood at The Fish Market.  I just wanted to sit down and medicate have a beer, anywhere.  We had a dozen oysters each and some tuna and yellow-tail sashimi.  The Fish Market is right on the water and we could see sailboats cruising by from our seats at the bar.  The oysters were fantastic.  We had Washington Hood Canal Oysters, Canadian Fanny Bay Oysters (note: includes no actual Canadian fanny), and the always delicious California Kumamoto Oysters.  They were so briny, plump, and flavorful we ordered another plate each. 

Ostras!  So good. 

The sashimi was great too.  There is certainly something to be said for freshness. 

Tuna sashimi.

Fresh yellow tail.

The view from inside.  See the sailboat in the background?

That’s the life.

You may remember LT as my host on my trip to Norway in June 2007.   Remember?  We went to the “Farts Museum.”  What a gas.

Should you ever lack motivation, listen to this song:


Energizing, eh?  Be careful with this song though, you may find yourself compelled to run a marathon.

4 Responses to ““Stay Classy, San Diego.””

  1. Albany Jane says:

    Congratulations on your time! I think I would have hailed a cab about 20 minutes into it.

    The sushi looks so incredibly fresh. Thank goodness that computers aren’t scratch-n-sniff!

  2. Congrats on the marathon, Alex! It was a hell of an experience, and I’m glad we could share it. To think there was a time (like 10 days ago) when we weren’t marathoners. :)

  3. I miss fish tacos.

  4. celinabean says:

    Wow, the sashimi looks sooo good. In regards to the Thai spot i wrote about…. It is decent, but not a rave (except the Tom Yum soup, which was great.) Don’t get me wrong, I am happy they are there, but I went back a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t as good as my initial visits. I would still go there, but …

    Congrats on the marathon.