It’$ the little thing$

Cati and I just returned from a trip to TX.  We had a great time visiting friends, eating great food, and well, just relaxing.  Not wanting our little vacation to end just yet, we decided to go to My Linh for dinner on our last day before going back to work.  My Linh is a fantastic little Vietnamese place here in Albany, well; at least the food is fantastic; read on…
They really do have the best Vietnamese food in town, but that comes at a price.  The place is expensive.  The ingredients they use are obviously top-notch.  Our trip to TX got us talking about how going out to dinner is so pricey in Albany, and so cheap in Austin (and most of TX as far as we can tell).  Consider if you will:

1.  We went out to a place called “Z. Tejas” in Austin while we were there.  It is a fun, chic, place to have a drink and a bite.  We ordered a margarita (just one; we bought Cati’s at the bar while waiting), catfish tacos appetizer, and the wild mushroom and cheese enchilada entree.  The food was nothing special, but wasn’t bad either (Cati thinks I am being hard on them).  Cati and I did have to wait a while to be served, but the waitress was aware we were waiting, and as a result she took the entree off the bill.  We didn’t even have to ask; and to tell the truth, it didn’t even feel like we were waiting THAT long.  So in essence, our total for the night came to $15.30.

2.  We went to My Linh and ordered the summer roll appetizer, the Pho Bo (Vietnamese soup), and split the chicken curry entree.  We each ordered two glasses of wine, and the total came to $70.60 (before tip).  Wow, I know.  Here’s the best part; they were out of the Australian chardonnay by the glass ($6), so they were substituting with another that wasn’t on the wine list.  Turns out they were charging us $8/glass.  We didn’t know that until we had two glasses a piece.  When we called the manager over to let her know we thought we were over-charged, the manger tried to blame our waitress for not telling us.  Fine, I wasn’t interested in placing blame; just take care of it.  Perhaps the manager is at fault for failing to learn the definition of substitution!  Anyway, we paid without making a big fuss, but I think we need a break from My Linh for a while; like a year break.  Boy, cots sure are comfortable…get it “boy, cots,” boycotts…oh never mind.

Below are some pictures from our little trip to TX.  We cooked dinner for our friends on Sunday night.  I made sun-dried tomato and corn risotto, sea scallops, and spinach with pine-nuts and raisins. 

The dinner crew on Sunday night

the morning view

later, pilgrim.

2 Responses to “It’$ the little thing$”

  1. alex|dimitri says:

    Teresa, your ranch is beautiful, and very, VERY, well taken care of. Our last night there I got a little nervous at around 1am when I could hear someone on the porch. It turns out it was a racoon investigating all the bird feeders for left-over seeds; there were none. You can see the feeders in the photo above. Cati and I caught him red-handed. Te hechamos mucho de menos. El tiempo fue malo con lluvia helada y todo; exactamente como tenemos en Albany ahora. Pero la fiesta da Fred y Jane fue muy divertida. Por cierto, quiero una receta para bacalaitos, sabes una? Nos los hacemos amenudo de una caja, pero quiero hacer los “from scratch.” Cati y yo te mandamos un beso muy grande!

  2. Teresa says:

    Oh! I´m jealous!
    My beautiful ranch!, I never have been there in April what means that I never have seen the bluebonnet fields.
    I hope that you had a relaxed vacation in Texas.
    And why don´t you like the food in Z Tejas? It´s a kind of “New Tex-Mex” and to me it tastes very good. And the place is so nice also, specially if you seat outdoors in Springtime, under the big oaks.
    I love that neighborhood that is “old Cati´s neighborhood”, it´s really a quiet , save and clean one, but close to downtown. If I had to choose one place for living in Austin you can bet your boots that would be there.

    By other side, Lihn is a bit expensive but not too much if you compare with NY standards. (I remember paying $20 for a sandwich in NY City and the drink was not included in that price). I like the food at Lihn´s and the romantic patio in summertime evenings.
    It´s OK if you are upset with them, but 1 year is too long!!!. May be they change the manager before (if we are lucky!) and then you could back there sooner .