More Saso’s and Nacho

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Saso’s:  Cati and I had a great evening out on Friday.  We started out at El Mariachi (the mexican place) with a margarita and some chips, and then headed over to Saso’s for dinner around 9PM.  We really like the bartender and servers at El Mariachi; the food; not so much.  Saso’s, on the other hand, has it all.  It’s everything a sushi place should be [swooning].  I am inspired to write haikus about this place, but I will tone down the gushing…ahem. 

Saso-san makes his own tamago from scratch, and the ikura is always fresh and delicious.  These are two pieces of nigiri sushi by which you can judge a sushi place.  If the tamago is bright yellow and rubbery, head for the door!  If the ikura is slimy, make like a bansai tree and leave.  No one does these pieces like Saso’s; incredible.  Herre’s what we had (I didn’t bring a camera):

  • Emiko roll (a delicious roll with yellowtail, avocado and wasabi masago)
  • Negi toro roll (another special that features toro sushi and scallions)
  • Melissa roll (a seasonal roll from Saso-san with mango, and spicy tuna (I think it’s tuna))
  • 2 pc. tamago (that’s the omelette)
  • 2 pc. hamachi (yellowtail tuna)
  • 1 pc. saba (mackerel, very fishy, I like it; Cati, not so much)
  • 2 pc. sake (salmon sushi)
  • and 2 miso soups (with the sushi, not before). 

Here is a photo from the lovely and clever Celia.  I know there is some rookie sushi on the plate, but we were hosting Celia and you can’t go from California rolls straight to uni in one sitting, dig?

saso so good

Also, I have been thinking about second-rate chinese/thai/sushi combo restaurants. 

Here is a great link on how to spot a great sushi place.

They practically describe Saso’s; uncanny, innit?

As promised in the title, here’s the Nach:

always on-guard, always

5 Responses to “More Saso’s and Nacho”

  1. Cati says:

    A ver cuando podemos volver a ir los 3 juntos a Saso’s!
    Te echamos de menos, pitu :)


  2. Celia says:

    you are right, I think saso is a great place of sushi!!!

  3. t~heff says:

    Yes, Saso’s is a fantastic sushi place. I’ve only been there once – and I do feel that I may have experienced the “real deal.” Having said that, I must also mention that I often frequent a … how do I say this?… “sushi/Thai combo” restaurant, which happens to be in our neck of the woods. In fact, we dined there again tonight — and it was superb! It’s true that I’ve had some less-than-spectacular experiences at this place, but the sushi is almost always great. Of course, this may very well be the only sushi restaurant in town at the moment, and so the options are somewhat limited. But I say don’t write off all combo restaurants just yet. I had delicious chicken and waffles in a North Carolina joint a few years ago. Not only did they manage to magnificently combine different genres of food– they also blurred the lines of breakfast and dinner so severely that I didn’t know what time of day it was when I walked outside.

  4. alex|dimitri says:

    All sushi-combo resaurants are junk! Junk, I say! To me, they are on par with those KFC/Taco Bell drive-thru combo places. They are essentially saying, “neither our sushi, nor our [insert Asian country] food, on its own, is good enough to get people through the door, so let’s try both.”

    But enough of this jibber-jabber; we are men of action! T, I challenge you to a sushi-off; to be chronicled on this website. I’ll buy your food at Saso’s, you buy mine at Sushi/Italian/WaffleHouse, or wherever it is you go. We can meet to discuss the ground rules. We can even do take-out to level the playing field. I think we should order the same things at both places, with one or two specialty rolls for the free-style part of the competition. We can draft up a score-card to be filled out during each dinner. We can even do blind tasting (after we grade on appearance, of course). Our wives can officiate. We will bring cameras. You have been called out, Heff! WE WILL BURY YOU! [banging shoe on desk]

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